March 21, 2009
Morocco is modern Muslim country in North Africa. It has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco, also referred to as the Kingdom of Morocco, has international bo...
April 21, 2009
Moulay Idriss is a Moroccan town and important religious site and place of pilgrimage for Muslims located just an hour away from Fes. The city is named after the Moroccan saint Moulay Idriss, a descendant of Muhammad, who died and...
April 26, 2010
When considering a vacation or holiday to Morocco choosing an Authentic Morocco Tour company such as Travel Exploration Morocco that offers Testimonials and Trip Advice is an important way to begin planning a Morocco travel journe...
January 10, 2011
Smith Events and Travel Exploration Morocco have partnered together to create the first “Sacred Spaces Morocco Tour” featuring spiritual author, holistic speaker and medical intuitive Carolyn Myss. Pack your bags for a life-ch...
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