About Morocco Travel Blog

The Morocco Travel Blog is an online culture magazine created by Alecia Cohen, a Moroccan Travel Expert, to offer A Sensual Journey to Morocco through stories and photographs. The Morocco Travel Blog covers all things Quintessentially Moroccan such as cultural sites, natural wonders, the best restaurants, spas, and places to shop, ancient monuments, news and events, festivals, cuisine, and the hospitality of its people through our lively, entertaining and heartfelt stories about Morocco. We welcome visitors of the online magazine to submit their own posts and comment on ours. To participate in our online magazine email our Director Alecia J. Cohen.  It would also be our pleasure to help you plan your next adventure. For more information about planning your next adventure visit www.travel-exploration.com or email Alecia J. Cohen at alecia@travel-exploration.com

Alecia Cohen

Alecia J. Cohen is the Editor of Morocco Travel Blog, a Travel Designer based in Marrakech, Morocco year-round. She is the owner of Travel Exploration Morocco, a boutique travel agency specializing in Private Tours and Experiential Travel experiences to Morocco. Mrs. Cohen has lived in Morocco for over a decade and is an expert on Moroccan and Jewish Heritage, Berber (Amazigh) traditions, World Music, and socially responsible tourism.

As a Morocco travel specialist, Mrs. Cohen offers extensive personalized planning services, hand-curated, which provide a detailed guide for each traveler in discovering the best of Morocco. She ensures that travelers will find a real connection to Morocco. As someone who lives in Morocco and has a passion for the people and the culture, she guarantees travelers a unique and authentic experience set apart by the places they visit and the experiences they will have.

“Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Battata

By learning about clients’ individual interests, Alecia Cohen makes travel recommendations that complement each traveler’s vacation plan with cultural and educational experiences. Inspired by her passion for Morocco’s combination of natural wonders, Imperial cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Berber villages, Mrs. Cohen delights in organizing comprehensive and personally curated original travel itineraries for cultured and educated travelers.

She is the Founder, Publisher of Global Rhythm Magazine has lectured at the World Bank on Culture & Sustainable Development in Africa and has been featured in various print and television venues, including CNN Financial News, Entrepreneurial Edge, Crain’s, Entrepreneur, and The World. www.travel-exploration.com

Giving Back: Project Feed:

Mrs. Cohen has also focused on philanthropy via sustainable agricultural programs in Berber villages through Project Feed Morocco, the charitable arm of Travel Exploration. Funded by 5% of Travel Exploration’s annual profits, Project Feed Morocco demonstrates generosity and reciprocity to Morocco’s people who share their culture, Moroccan hospitality, and kindness to all travelers.

Marina Solovyov

Marina Solovyov is a contributor to Morocco Travel Blog. Her passion for writing and exploring different cultures began a decade ago when she interned for Travel Exploration Morocco. She has directed this passion through traveling and living in different parts of Asia and Europe. Solovyov is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Health Coach. She lived in Tokyo, Japan for seven years where she led holistic health programs. Marina brings to Morocco Travel Blog an appreciation for an ancient tradition and culture.

Lynn Houmdi

Lynn Houmdi is a published author and genuine expert on all things Swiri (ie. Essaouiran), having lived in this bohemian fishing town on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast and conducted sociological research there. As well as writing and consulting for various clients with an interest in Morocco, she supports non-profits and small businesses to grow and communicate with purpose. Lynn divides her time with her Swiri husband and their son between Essaouira and Edinburgh, Scotland. You can find more writing by Lynn on her blog Marocophile.com or follow Lynn on Twitter.com/maroc_o_phile.

Siham Lahmine

Siham Lahmine is a contributor to Morocco Travel Blog. She received her BA in English studies in 2011 at Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah in the city of Fes. Siham is passionate about writing, researching, and embracing all aspects of life.

She is the former president of the Volunteering Association at the American Language Centre in Fes. Lahmine also worked as a facilitator at the Peace Corps in Fez prior to her managerial position at Plan-it Morocco whereby she combined her love of food and culture as one of the company’s leading Fes Specialists.

Siham currently volunteers at the Ziat Girls Centre helping underprivileged, marginalized girls to increase their life skills and re-integrate into the community. Her hobbies include adventure sports such as paragliding and extreme hiking. She is a leading advocate among Morocco’s youth of female independence and empowerment.