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Pure Life Experiences, Marrakech Luxury Travel Expo

PURE Life Experiences is one of the leading travel expositions for high-end and experiential travel that will take place in Marrakech from November 12th – 15th, 2015 at the Palais Des Congres. PURE Marrakech has become one of the world’s leading, annual and exclusive conferences that caters to the top-end of the market. Travel agencies and up market, luxury suppliers attend to have the privledge to expand their network. The Founder of PURE Marrakech is Serge Dive. His vision is that “Experiential Travel is a journey away from home, involving a truly memorable and powerful experience (active, cultural, natural, social or spiritual) that will enrich a person’s life and improve the way they connect with both loved ones and with the world.”

The 6 Best Views of Morocco, Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco is such a photogenic country. The Best Times to Travel to Morocco and discover the 6 Best Views is spring and fall. The bright, Mediterranean sunshine makes for a special light, whether you are photographing deserts, mountains, cities, dunes or coastal scenery. The colors of the natural elements, the architecture and the handicrafts such as carpets, highly polished teapots, hand-stitched and embroidered leather babouches slippers or flowing caftans make for great subjects, as do the people and animals of Morocco. It’s best to always ask before taking someone’s picture and don’t be offended if they refuse given many Moroccans are modest and private. Morocco also has several stunning vistas which you will want to snap during your trip. Here is a lowdown of where to go to capture the six best views of Morocco.

ASTA Destination Expo, Marrakech, Your Morocco Tour Guide

ASTA (American Association for Travel Agents) will host its first Expo in Marrakech, Morocco from February 26th – March 1st, 2015. The ASTA Expo is geared towards Morocco Travel Agents and dedicated to showcasing Morocco and teaching industry professionals how to sell Morocco as a destination. The ASTA Marrakech Expo will include various sessions that impart information on Morocco ranging from Cultural Tourism to Adventure Travel, the Unique Cuisine of Morocco to Panel Discussions on Luxury Travel.

Souks Outside Marrakech, Your Morocco Guide

By visiting local souks outside Marrakech you can experience local Berber country life and absorb the character of the marketplaces where they meet each week. This is an important social occasion where local producers sell their wares including, fruit, vegetables and livestock. Merchants from Marrakech sell essentials such as: tea, coffee, sugar, packaged foods, cooking items, clothing and electronics. You can also come across carpets, jewelry and pottery generally cheaper than in Marrakech. There are many things available to buy from the souk: henna, spices, rugs, Berber slippers and sandals, pottery, Berber djellabahs for men, dresses for women and handmade wooden kitchen utensils.

Dakka Marrakchia Music Festival, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Marrakech has been celebrating the Marrakchia Music festival since the Saadian dynasty in the 15th and early 16th century.It takes place in February each year and celebrates traditional music passed down by generations in honour of the seven patron saints or ‘Sabaatou Rijal’ of Marrakech.

The Excavation at Aghmat, Morocco’s Medieval Capital

The Medieval site of Aghmat can be found beside the modern village of Ghmat which is 30 km south east of Marrakech in the northern foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Professor Ron Messier, Professor Emeritus Middle Tenessee State University and Senior Lecturer in history at Vanderbilt University and his codirector Professor Abdallah Fili faculte des letters Universite d’El Jadida have been following a trail of gold a it was part of the camel caravan routes from sub-Saharan Africa through the ancient city of Sijilmassa which Ron Messier’s team excavated through to Morocco’s Medieval Capital, Aghmat. Coins minted in Sijilmassa have been found in an excavation in Jordan and Aghmat too minted coins for the Almoharavid empire which stretched into Spain.

Marrakech Voted Best African Destination, Your Morocco Tour Guide

The “red hamra” city of Marrakech has been sited as the best African Destination of the Year by the 19th World Travel Awards. The winners of the “World Travel Awards” are chosen by travel agents around the world. The World Travel Awards gives agents the opportunity to select leading travel destinations. Marrakech is the first Moroccan city to win the this title. Other cities that were nominated were Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg (South Africa), along with Luxor (Egypt), Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Victoria Falls (Zambia).