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Marrakech Riad Sells for $3.4 Million in UNESCO Medina

Marrakech-Is- A-House-Buyer's-Market-Riad-Sells-for-$3.4-million-in-UNESCO-Medina
Riad Sells for 3.4 Million Dollars in UNESCO Marrakech Medina


Marrakech Riad Sells for $3.4 Million in UNESCO Medina. Since 1912 – 1956 when the French established their protectorate over Morocco the number of French vacation home owners began to grow. Although the French protectorate period is long over, foreigner’s purchasing property in Marrakech is still quite common. Recently, an 8 bedroom, nine bath home in Marrakech’s ancient medina walls sold for 3.4 million dollars. The 11,500 square foot property combining two riads was listed by Kensington Luxary Properties, an affiliate of Christie’s International House. Marrakech is an economic and cultural hub and drives international attention into the city. Marrakech has long enjoyed a boost of visibility from celebrities like Maddona who had her birthday in the Agafay desert in 2018, Dior announced he will launch his latest resort collection in Marrakech this April 2019, and the Yves Saint Laurent Musuem established a fashion presence dating back to the 1980’s. Today Marrakech’s medina is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.