Morocco’s 2019 Strawberry Festival To Reach 200,000 Tons

Morocco, 2019 Strawberry Festival To Reach 200,000 Tons

Morocco’s strawberry production is record high for 2019. Northern Morocco recently held it’s annual strawberry harvest festival and reports indicate it may reach 200,000 tonnes; past years strawberry production reached 180,000 with 95% of the exports going to Europe.

Among the Arab countries, strawberry exportation is unique to Morocco making Morocco the world’s fifth largest strawberry exporter. King Mohammed VI has allotted 3,300 hectares to growing strawberries in the Loukkos, Souss-Massa Draa and Gharb regions. Between 2013-2014, Morocco exported 55,000 tons of strawberries ( 72% of the total exports) and 19,000 tons. The Ministry of Agriculture says they were able to achieve these improvements by working with a team of scientists who made sure the growing strawberries kept healthy.

The success of the strawberry production can be attributed to The Green Morocco Plan. The project was initiated by King Mohammed VI in 2008. It is revolutionizing agriculture in Morocco by adding value to the market, encouraging private investments, and developing activities in the sector. Farmers have also been able to fight poverty as The Green Plan has raised income. Additionally, hundreds of women’s farmer’s cooperatives have come out on the scene in Morocco.

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