Pioneer French Tagger Cosmos Paints his Way to the 41st Asilah Art Festival

Stephane Pillion Graffiti On Canvas

Stephane Pillon, street name Cosmos, is a pioneer tagger. The artist is among the international talent who will take part in Morocco’s upcoming 41st Asilah Art Festival. The 50-year-old contemporary rebellious French painter has roots in street mural and graffiti art.

“Writing is the leitmotiv of my work since I am a tagger. I started in 1987 on line 6 of the Paris metro, which I tagged on almost all its length with my friend Cobalt / Nash, which has brought me many misadventures with justice,” recalls Cosmos.

Over the years Cosmos’ work transitioned into abstract painting. He began working on canvas in 2010. His techniques are ink and acrylic. Today his graffiti on canvas is an extension of his street work. The gradual changes were a sign of maturity and the opportunity to participate in the Asilah Art Festival came at the perfect time.

“At a certain moment, I realized that I was aging. I couldn’t do what I used to do on the street walls. Outdoor graffiti painting had become dangerous. I still do mural painting, but legally. I turned 50 years old this year. I’m (still) not looking for peace and tranquillity.”

Festival attendees can look forward to “geometric shapes dripping with tags,” says Pillion. He is excited to “retransmit all the energy I have when I used to paint in the streets. His creations are inspired by Jackson Pollock, the Impressionists, Dali, Arman, Miro, Velasquez, Leonardo da Vinci. The festival will be the first time Pillion is collaborating with a Moroccan cultural event and participating in the festival workshops.

Beyond mural painting, the Asilah Festival also organizes conferences and workshops to teach writing, painting, poetry, and other art disciplines.

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