Tangier’s Medina Art Gallery Exhibits Self-Taught Artist Mohamed Debdoubi’s Work

Work by Mohamed Debdoubi

Tangier’s Medina Art Gallery will showcase the work Moroccan artist Mohamed Debdoubi on October 18, 2019. Opening night for this Tangier artist’s exhibition is set to begin at 6:30 pm. Debdoubi is self-taught. His work is inspired by artists, Joan Mitchell, an American abstract expressionist painter and printmaker, Willem de Kooning, a Dutch-American abstract expressionist artist, and Manuel Salinas, a pioneer in Andalusian abstract art. Similar to other artists featured at the Tangier Medina Art Gallery, Debdoubi’s paintings have been strongly influenced by his Tangier roots. He spent two years studying the culture of Tangier, engaging in the plastic arts and subsequently explored drawing. Debdoubi discovered that his natural talent for painting could be merged with his musical background. This union is expressed on his canvases. Debdoubi began playing the guitar as a child and spent five years studying solfeggio, a western music method used to teach aural skills, pitch, and sight-reading. His paintings are said to embrace a fiery yet positive nature and according to the gallery, “evoke feelings of serenity, passion, desire, love and a hint of violence.”

This powerful exhibit will run through November 8, 2019.  Tangier Medina Art Gallery was founded in 1999 by artists Said Kadiri and Omara Salhi. It is considered an intellectual hub for Tangier’s literary, intellectual, and creative community. The gallery is surrounded by historical cafes, restaurants, hotels, and Tangier’s court.

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