Afrikayna House of Urban Cultures Hosts Dakar-Casablanca Art Program

Dakar – Casablanca Art Week

From October 21-27, 2019, Afrikayna, the House of Urban Cultures and the Africulturban Association MCU invites travelers and the public citizens of Casablanca to the Dakar – Casablanca Art Connection. For one-week, a program of master workshops in the creative disciplines will be offered. The classes will be lead by professionals of Morocco’s urban art scene and creative collectives.

The Afrikayna organization was created in May 2013 and places the African component of Moroccan identity at the center of its focus. Their team supports the mobility of artists living in Morocco and Africa. Through grants and sponsorship opportunities talented individuals are being hosted at artist residences in various countries which allows them to showcase their work at art and music events in the African continent.

Dakar-Casablanca Art Connection Program Overview

October 21- the Dakar-Casablanca program will open with a presentation from Afrikayna.

October 22- Raja Saddiki, a videographer, and Moroccan documentary filmmaker will lead a stage and music video workshop.

October 23- Mehdi Nassouli from the MCU in Dakar will lead a master class on the Music of Morocco. The class aims for participants to discover the musical diversity of Morocco.

October 23-24- Chadi Ilias Bouassria, a photographer and coordinator of the Festival Boulevard will lead a two-day photography workshop.

October 24- Hicham Bahou, artistic director, founder and co-director of the famous Casablanca Lboulevard music festival will lead a class on graphic design and visual identity.

October 24-27- Adam Belarouchia, a visual artist and muralist will lead a three-day workshop on how architectural elements of a given space are incorporated into pictures.

October 24-27- Réda Boudina, a designer and street artist will lead a three-day graffiti-street art workshop.

The week-long program is a unique opportunity to connect with Casablanca natives and discover new talents in the Moroccan and African art and design world. Among the interesting networking opportunities will be a chance to connect with the organizers of EAC-L’Boulvart team. The Arts and Cultural education program is a non-profit association that promotes the development and development of contemporary music and urban culture in Morocco. Since 1999 it has been organizing concerts like Boulevard and creative training and workshops. In 2010, the association created Boultek, the first center of contemporary music in Morocco. They are also the masterminds behind the Sbagha Bagha Casablanca Street Art Graffiti Festival, JIDAR festival.

Access to most events is free however places are limited. Advanced registration is highly recommended. Classes will take place at Casablanca’s Technopark. The establishment is a hub for creative and innovative companies in the fields of ICT, Green Tech and Morocco’s cultural sectors.

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