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Abderrahman Slaoui’s Casablanca Museum,Your Morocco Tour Guide

Abderrahman Slaoui was a businessman who loved the arts. Newly opened this past May 2012 is Abderrahman Slaoui’s Foundation Museum located in Casablanca. The Musee De La Fondation Abderrahman Sloaoui is set up in the home of a charming art deco building dating from the 1940’s. Casablanca’s Musee De La Fondation Abderrahman Sloaoui is dedicated to Moroccan jewelry and decor.

Moroccan Wedding Traditions, Join A Moroccan Wedding Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Every country has it’s own wedding culture. Traditions and ceremonies differ in each part of the world and Morocco is no exception. Moroccan weddings are a 24-hour affair and more. Just as in the west, every Moroccan wedding is different, and families from different regions whether it be cities or villages try to make their children’s weddings unique. There are a few common themes and events that occur over the course of a wedding, and knowing what to expect if you attend one is important. Morocco boasts rich wedding traditions and customs that vary by region, city and village however most have commonalities that range from unique and colorful clothing, a traditional henna party and serving special salads, meat and couscous to their guests.

Casablanca One- Day Tours, Your Morocco Travel Guide

A private one-day tour of Casablanca, Morocco is the best way to see the city if you’re arriving from the Casablanca airport or a short visit or if you’re coming by way of cruise ship into the Casablanca Port. Casablanca. Casablanca Tours are available from the airport, your Casablanca hotel or the Port of Casablanca. Casablanca or more affectionately known as Casa has a population of three and a half million and is the largest city and port in Morocco. It’s also the biggest city in the Maghreb and the sixth biggest city in the entire continent of Africa.