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Moroccan Wine Bars, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Wine bars are the new trend in Morocco. These new and upcoming Wine Bars offer a nice reprise for expats, travelers and those interested in a more local scene when traveling or living in Morocco. Wine bars in Morocco also offer a nice balance of wines ranging from imports to local Moroccan specialities along with light fare. With all the new craze in the USA and Europe – and some with a long trend of unique wine bars, Moroccan cities are at the forefront offering up some truly charming wine bars for those who want to expand their pallet and enjoy the new cities after sunset.

Moroccan Wine & Vineyards, Wine & Food Tasting Morocco

Wine production in Morocco is believed to have been introduced by Phoenician settlers, and was definitely established in the era of Ancient Rome. Large-scale wine production with extensive vineyards was introduced into Morocco by the French during the protectorate as it was in Algeria and Tunisia. Today’s regions in Morocco that have become famous for wine are Meknes, Casablanca and Essaouira.