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The Excavation at Aghmat, Morocco’s Medieval Capital

The Medieval site of Aghmat can be found beside the modern village of Ghmat which is 30 km south east of Marrakech in the northern foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Professor Ron Messier, Professor Emeritus Middle Tenessee State University and Senior Lecturer in history at Vanderbilt University and his codirector Professor Abdallah Fili faculte des letters Universite d’El Jadida have been following a trail of gold a it was part of the camel caravan routes from sub-Saharan Africa through the ancient city of Sijilmassa which Ron Messier’s team excavated through to Morocco’s Medieval Capital, Aghmat. Coins minted in Sijilmassa have been found in an excavation in Jordan and Aghmat too minted coins for the Almoharavid empire which stretched into Spain.

Luxury Hotels of Morocco, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco is moderate, Muslim country located in North Africa that is rich in history, steeped in culture, exotic cuisine and natural wonders. When traveling to Morocco there are many luxury hotels to stay at during a Morocco Tour. First in Morocco are its Luxury Riads that offer amenities on par with a luxury hotel. Morocco’s Riads boast beautiful courtyards and incredible architecture. Staying at a luxury Riad in Morocco can offer a top quality experience, equivalent to a luxury hotel.

Agadir One-Day Tours From The Port, With Your Morocco Tour Experts

The Port of Agadir is filled with various cruise ships that dock offering cruise critics and cruise ship travelers the opportunity to take in the sites and sounds of Agaidr on an Agadir One-day Tour. Two cruise ships that frequent the Agadir Port often are the Oceania Marina and the Oceania Riviera. These Mediterranean cruises stop in Monte Carlo, Naples, Casablanca along with other a select group of other Ports in the region. Most of the Mediterranean cruises offer Agadir One-day Tours and excursions for large groups. As a cruise ship traveler if you prefer not to participate in a large group then considering a private Agadir One-day Tour or Excursion with Morocco Travel Experts is a good choice. An Agadir One-day Tour offers the opportunity to discover the sites and sound of this Berber city with a private driver from Agadir and an English, Multilingual Speaking Licensed Guide from Agadir.

Casablanca Excursion With Morocco Experts, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Each month the Port of Casablanca is filled with various cruise ships that dock offering cruise critics and cruise ship travelers the opportunity to take in the sites and sounds of Casablanca. Casablanca is known for the Hassan II Mosque, 1920’s classic Art Deco Architecture, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism and the famous hot spot Rick’s Cafe. The city of Casablanca is the perfect place to take a Casablanca Excursion with Morocco Travel Experts.

Jewish Heritage Tours Casablanca,Your Morocco Travel Guide

Casablanca is respectively admired for its longstanding Jewish Heritage. Casablanca is the perfect place to take a Jewish Heritage Tour. The Jewish community in Casablanca, Morocco has a strong history that has survived along with it’s synagogues, cemeteries, monuments and shrines. When visiting Casablanca a Jewish Heritage tour from the Port or from your hotel offers insight into the ties of the historic Jewish community and what remains today.

Morocco Just For Women Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Imagine the opportunity to Roam Like Royalty Through Morocco’s Imperial Cities and Sacred Spaces with fellow women travelers. Touring Morocco with women who you could connect with and share lifetime memorable experiences with is a stand-out opportunity. If this sounds like something appealing as a Morocco single woman traveler then Travel Exploration’s Morocco Just For Women Tour is the perfect 2012 travel program. Morocco Just For Women – Roam Like Royalty Through Morocco’s Imperial Cities was created for women by women to experience the wonders that Morocco offers. The Morocco Just For Women Tour will visit breathtaking architectural sites in Marrakech and Fes, majestic palaces in Rabat, glorious houses of worship and opulent gardens. Attending the Morocco Just For Women Tour offers on site visits to see traditional Moroccan crafts being made by local artisans and shopping in the dazzling array of Morocco’s marketplaces. On the Morocco Just For Women Tour, all women travelers will enjoy exquisite cuisine and elegant accommodations throughout this magical voyage.

Moroccan Seffa Medfouna Recipe, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Seffa Medfouna is a famous Moroccan dish which is comprised of a large dome of steamed couscous or tiny vermicelli noodles (chaariya) that is sweetened with raisins, butter and powdered sugar. When traveling to Morocco for a Cooking Vacation or to take a Moroccan Cooking Workshop Seffa Medfouna is one of the options that Moroccan travelers can learn to make.

Exploring Morocco’s Sahara Desert, Your Morocco Travel Guide

The Sahara Desert is a region worth exploring in Morocco. Morocco’s Sahara Desert is vast and extensive comprising of four peak desert dunes referred to as Merzouga, Zagora, M’hamid and Erg Chegaga. Each part of Morocco’s Sahara Desert offers travelers a unique experience. Merzouga is known for it’s vast and golden Erg Chebbi Dunes that are hundreds of meters high. The regions of Zagora and M’hamid are known for longer, rolling more rustic and earthy colored dunes. Their sister Sahara Desert, Erg Chegaga has a legend of being primarily for the die-hard Morocco adventure traveler who wants to say they made it to one of the last regions. Regardless of which dunes are visited on a Morocco Sahara Desert trip any traveler is guaranteed to be enchanted with the region they choose to visit.

Abderrazzak Benchaabane Ethnobotanist & Marrakech Garden Designer, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Jeanette Lowdon gets up close with Abderrazzak Benchaabane, an Ethnobotanist & Morocco’s leading Garden Designer. On a chilly Saturday morning in winter Lowdon had the fortuitous opportunity to interview Abderrazzak Benchaabane at his private estate in the Palmeraie of Marrakech. The setting was Abderrazzak’s expansive gardens and contemporary museum located on one-hectare within the luxurious Marrakech palmerie. Abderrazzak Benchaabane is a Marrakech legend. Quiet and soft spoken, this renowned Garden Designer, Ethnobotanist, Perfumer, Teacher, Photographer, Writer, Garden Restorer and Publisher has created a landmark place for himself within the world of the “red hamra” city. An academic who gained his doctorate in botanical ecology from Semlalia Faculty of Sciences at Marrakech’s Cadi Ayyad University, Benchaabane is currently a Botany and Ecology professor at the University of Marrakech.