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Marrakech Spa, Les Bains De Marrakech, Your Morocco Travel Guide

A leading Marrakech Spa, Les Bains De Marrakech offers Marrakech travelers the optimum wellness experience. For expats living in Marrakech, Morocco or those traveling to the Imperial City on a Marrakech holiday, Le Bains is the place to go. Les Bains de Marrakech is an elegant spa, occupying half of an old Riad in the southern Kasbah quarter of the Marrakech Medina. Les Bains de Marrakech is located in the Kasbah district, just five minutes from the Koutoubia mosque and Jemaa el Fna. Les Bains De Marrakech offers a full range of treatments, from water draining massage to shiatsu, plus gommage (loofah scrub) and body exfoliating cleaning in a traditional hammam. Combining the most ancient beauty rituals with modern techniques.

Top 10 Things To Do in Marrakech, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Things to do in Marrakech. The Top 10 Things to do in Marrakech, Morocco is a hot list of activities and experiences that one can do alone, with their spouse or friends and family in this majestic “red hamra” city. The most popular activities typically included spending time in and around Marrakech along with a brief departure for a High Atlas Tour or a Sahara Tour.

The Top 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Morocco

A Honeymoon is the most special and trips of a life time that requires love, luxury and planning. At Morocco Travel we can guide help you create a customized Luxury Honeymoon in Morocco that will leave you with a lifelong memory. A Luxury Honeymoon in Morocco will allow you to relax completely while exploring ancient Roman Ruins, visit Imperial Cities, take a Romantic Trek in the Sahara Desert’s Sand Dunes and then be whisked off to a quiet and tranquil Moroccan Hotel that boasts lush green gardens, marble fountains and exotic trees and flowers. A private Morocco Honeymoon is a luxury worth including in your wedding budget and planning. Morocco as a Luxury Honeymoon Destination will be the dream vacation of a lifetime.