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Luxury Hotels of Morocco, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco is moderate, Muslim country located in North Africa that is rich in history, steeped in culture, exotic cuisine and natural wonders. When traveling to Morocco there are many luxury hotels to stay at during a Morocco Tour. First in Morocco are its Luxury Riads that offer amenities on par with a luxury hotel. Morocco’s Riads boast beautiful courtyards and incredible architecture. Staying at a luxury Riad in Morocco can offer a top quality experience, equivalent to a luxury hotel.

The Draa Valley & Berber Villages, Your Morocco Tour Guide

The Draâ Valley is Morocco’s longest river. It’s formation is that of the Dades River and Imini River and flows from the High Atlas Mountains southeastward to Tagounit and from Tagounit mostly westwards to the Atlantic Ocean somewhat north of Tan-Tan. The water from the Draâ is used to irrigate Palmeraies and small horticulture along the river. The inhabitants of the Draâ are called Drawi, used to refer to the dark skinned people of Draâ that make up the largest portion of its inhabitants. The Draa Valley originally was known as the Valley of Olives but when the 19th Century caravans passed through the date palms arose within the trails they traveled. The palms proved to be a better choice to continue as a grown commodity because they bare dates, are used to make baskets, leafy carpets and over shade for the inhabitants.

Tarodaunt Tour From Agadir, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Taroudant is a Moroccan city located in the Sous Valley in the southern part of the country. It is situated east from Agadir on the road to Ouarzazate and south from Marrakech. Tarodaunt can be easily visited as a day tour from Agadir. Tarodaunt is called the “Grandmother of Marrakech” because it is a scaled down, slowed down town that resembles Marakech with its orange colored surrounding ramparts. Since Agadir is only one hour from Tarodaunt a Tarodaunt Tour is the perfect way to spend an afternoon when arriving from a cruise ship at the Agadir Port.

Pianist Pnina Becher, A Classical Morocco Tour, 4 Imperial Cities, 4 Wine Tasting Events, 4 SonatasPianist Pnina Becher, A Classical Morocco Tour, 4 Imperial Cities, 4 Wine Tasting Events, 4 Sonatas

Journey across Morocco with Bach, Scarlatti & Chopin – Piano Reserva With Pnina Becher. Join Pnina Bechers A Moroccan Musical Soire Spring 2013. Travel Morocco’s Imperial Cities, Feast on Sumptuous Cuisine & Indulge in 4 Wine Tasting Events while listening to Musical Soirées in unprecedented and charming Moroccan settings. A Moroccan Musical Soirée is a 10 Days/ 9 Nights Morocco Tour designed for the sophisticated, cultured traveler drawn to discover exotic cities. Accompanied by evenings of charmed and powerful classical music performances and four wine tasting events this boutique Morocco Journey offers a once in a lifetime experience. This unique Morocco Tour created by Travel Exploration Morocco and Aviv Productions takes Classical Music out of its traditional context.

Morocco Cooking Vacation, Your Morocco Travel Guide

When considering a Morocco Tour there are many options which will make for a unique travel experience. One way for Moroccan travelers to discover the real Morocco is through a Morocco Cooking Vacation. There are various types of Morocco Cooking vacations. Some are offered as culinary tours to Morocco with a focus on creating and making various traditional Moroccan recipes daily. A Taste of Morocco Tour offers the opportunity to discover Moroccan cuisine through cooking workshops in Marrakech, Fes and Essaouira. Morocco Just For Women on the other hand offers group lessons with other women who have come to Morocco specifically to explore the country’s culture through a womans’ eyes which includ cooking workshops.

Morocco Travel Blog Nominated For Moroccan Blog Awards, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco Travel Blog has been nominated for the Moroccan Blog Awards under the category of MOROCCO TRAVEL BLOGS – TRAVEL. To vote for the 2010 Moroccan Blog Awards click here http://moroccoblogs.com/ and cast your vote for “Morocco Travel Blog” under BEST OF MOROCCO BLOGS – TRAVEL. The Morocco Travel Blog was created in December 2008 by Alecia Cohen a Moroccan Travel Specialist and former magazine publisher of eighteen years. Morocco Travel Blog’s goal is to offer A Sensual Journey to Morocco through stories and photographs. With so many new travel blogs on the frontier and blog software available to enhance blogs, what is still lacking are travel blogs that are written not only with passion, but those that include journalistic and photographic expertise on Morocco travel, the culture and its people. Traversing the country of Morocco can be done on a private 4×4 tour, bus or train however Westerners who want to explore Morocco with ease and comfort need to consider researching their best private tour options online through professional Morocco Travel Agency websites and Morocco Travel Blogs.