Morocco’s Luxurious Riads & Hotels: Where To Stay in Fes

Fes Luxury Boutique Riad Karawan

Morocco is known for having some of the most luxurious, Boutique riads and Hotels in the world. When planning a visit to Fes, the UNESCO World Heritage City, those who are in the know of where to stay will have their travel experience guaranteed as one to remember.

Moroccans tend to be very accommodating, friendly and hospitable. It is no wonder why many hotels, riads and restaurants in Morocco specifically cater to guests providing them comfort, good service and a little pampering. Fes, one of the most cultural and spiritual cities in Morocco, has some of the most luxurious Hotels and Riads. Some of these upscale guesthouses include the Riad Dar Roumana, Riad Fes, Palais Jamai and Le Maison Bleue.

Traditional Marrakech Riad with Courtyard

What is a Riad?

A riad is a very large traditional Moroccan home with architecture from the period of the Idrisid Dynasty. Riads commonly have rooms arranged around an interior garden or mosaic tile pool, with Arab style archways and detailed mosaics. Riads are restored palace style accommodations with courtyards, lush gardens, and traditional zellij tile work. Morocco is known for having the best, luxury riads that offer an Arabian Nights sensibility. Marrakech’s Best Riads, Fes Best Riads, and Essaouira’s Best Riads can be found in Morocco’s old medinas. Riads offer a combination of traditional and modern decor with top end amenities for Morocco Travelers.

Examples of the Top 8 Most Luxurious and Charming Boutique Riads in Fes:

Fes Boutique Riad, Riad Laaroussa

Riad Laaroussa is a quaint, elegant 17th ­Century restored palace style Riad in the heart of Fes. Riad Laaroussa has a relaxed atmosphere with suites that surround a tranquil courtyard where guests can relax in the shade of the orange trees. There is an exceptional terrace with breathtaking views. The suites at Riad Laaroussa have charming fireplaces that are perfect for winter weather. A legendary Fassi restaurant and a serene spa make this riad a good choice for artists, or those looking for a homey place to stay. Cooking classes are also available at Riad Laaroussa.

Dar Roumana,House of the Pomegranate, is a traditional boutique riad in Fes. Framed by lush olive groves and the ancient ruins of the medina walls, Dar Roumana invites you to experience the richness and comfort of a traditional Fassi guesthouse. Relax with a book and a glass of Moroccan mint tea on the spacious sun-drenched roof terrace with a spectacular view of the entire medina and Atlas Mountains. After dinner prepared by their Cordon Bleu chef, retire to the library for a fire-side game of chess or choose a movie from our video and DVD collection. Each of Dar Roumana’s suites contains the work of local artisans: original mosaic tile floors, intricate carved plaster, rich cedar ceilings and doors, and hand-crafted furnishings. Dar Roumana Fes is a home away from home with its cozy atmosphere, sumptuous decor, and splendid zellij tile work.

Riad Fes is a Relais & Chateaux Property and the premiere luxury boutique hotel with class and authenticity in Fes. This charming, now sprawling Riad has been restored with impeccability and combines traditional Spanish Moorish architecture with Modern touches. The decor has been designed with inspiration of a serene atmosphere reminiscent of Arabian Nights. A stay at Riad Fes will allow you to travel back in time and enjoy the splendor of the lifestyle of Fassi nobility. The garden offers moments of freshness under the shade of orange, lemon and bay trees.
Property Amenities: Swimming Pool, Terraces & Panoramic Garden, Traditional Hammam/ Spa, Gourmet Restaurant, Wine bar, Wifi and Laundry services.

Karawan Riad is a sophisticated, luxury, boutique hotel of seven, chic suites that are set within a glorious 17th century home. Harmony is key at this magnificent courtyard property where the combination of texture, motif and artifacts create unique hand curated interiors. All seven suites have king sized beds, exquisite bed linens and writing desks. Trickling fountains are surrounded by flora and fauna for cozy dinners that of local Fes cuisine offered up by Chef Outhmane’s and Chef Mahmoud. This boutique riad has the amenities of a hotel and design that sings the name of Archiectural Digest.
Property Amenities: Rooftop Terrace, Restaurant, Wifi
Le Maison Bleue

The Le Maison Bleue provides a quiet stay in the middle of the hectic city, with a rooftop terrace that overlooks Fes. Guests at the Le Maison Bleue are guaranteed to feel right at home as guest of a promanant Fassi family. The palace was home to Si Mohammed El Abbadi a famous astrologer, who left his intellectual touch on Le Maison Bleue. The riad features a rare and extensive library.

Palais Amani is a fourteen bedroomed opulent Riad in Fes provides refined dining and spacious accommodation. With a salon and library, a rooftop bar, extensive terraces, a traditional hammam and spa, impeccable service and all of this close to the Golden triangle in the ancient medina in Fez. Traditional Moroccan breakfast is served to guests in the dining room or on the dining terrace overlooking the Riad’s central garden. At lunch and dinner time Palais Amani offer a cosmopolitan a la Carte menu for a light or more elaborate meal. Property Amenities: Moroccan Salons, Terraces, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Traditional Moroccan Hammam, Garden, Wifi and Laundry services.

Ryad Mabrouka, Fes

Ryad Mabrouka is located in the heart of the ancient medina of Fes. A luxurious riad, meticulously and faithfully renovated according to the local traditions. Both architecture and decor offer guests a haven of comfort and tranquility. The interior courtyard with sculpted plaster work on the columns, magnificent cedar wooden doors, a fountain, and moroccan mosaïcs opens onto a fragrant rose garden with citrus trees and a small inviting swimming pool. From Ryad Mabrouka’s rooftop terrace guests will enjoy the panoramic views of the medina and the neighboring country side.
Property Amenities: Moroccan Salons, Dipping Pool, Wine available upon request, Traditional Moroccan Hammam, Garden, Wifi and Laundry services.

Riad Myra, Fes

Riad Myra was built at the beginning of the last century and has been restored to its original greatness. Owned by the Chabb family, this boutique, luxury riad is located in the vibrant heart of the Fes medina in the Batha Region. Riad Myra’s rooms have been designed to reflect historic elegance, with discreet modern features and amenities. A central courtyard with ornate archways, intricate stucco work, colorful mosaics and towering cedar wood doors is surrounded by the guest rooms, all sumptuously decorated with colorful drapes and brocades with a combination of Moroccan and English antique furniture. Each of their the suites contains the work of local artisans: original mosaic tile floors, intricate carved plaster, rich cedar ceilings and doors, and hand-crafted furnishings.
Order dinner in advance and request their artichoke tajine or apricot and beef tajine.
Property Amenities: Moroccan Salon, Restaurant, Wine available upon request, Traditional Moroccan Hammam, Wifi and Laundry services.

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