The Royal City of Meknes Added to Ancient Medina Restoration List

Meknes, Morocco, Ancient Sites

Morocco’s Imperial City Meknes is now among the list of historical places to have its medina restored. The nationwide project was announced in October 2018 by King Mohammed VI. A budget of 2.8 Billion MAD ($289 Millon USD) has been designated for the restoration of Morocco’s ancient city quarters. These include medinas in Tangier, Tetouan, Fes, and Sale, located near the capital, Rabat.

Meknes is the most recent city to be included in the restoration project. The Ministry of Interior announced that it will collaborate with the Ministry of Habitat, the agency for the Development and Rehabilitation of the Fes Medina, and the Ader Fes Agency. Together they aim to restore over 17 Meknes sites by 2023. A budget of 73 Million MAD ($7.5 Million USD) has been allocated. The program will renovate the ancient Babs (Gates), the Medersa Filalia, the Lalla Aouda Mosque, and various fondouks – former inns for caravan route travelers during the Middle Ages

Meknes is considered one of Morocco’s four royal cities. The others are Marrakech, Fes, and Rabat. It was founded by the Almoravids to serve as a military base. Between 1672-1727 it was considered the capital of Morocco, the period that Sultan Moulay Ismail ruled. The historic city is surrounded by high walls and has a Spanish-Moorish style that evolved from the 17th century. Meknes is located in north-central Morocco, an hour drive from the spiritual capital Fes.

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