Souks of Morocco

February 15, 2009
One Week in Morocco can be just as magical as a lengthy stay. The aroma of fresh spices sifting through the air, kebabs sizzling over an open flame, Berber carpets being unraveled at the market place, snakes in Djemaa Le Fna Squar...
May 24, 2010
Exploring the Souks of Morocco is a great way to connect with the local people and to experience first hand the tradition of Moroccan buying and selling of a wide range of goods. Moroccan Souks are typically held once a week in ea...
April 28, 2011
Near the vegetable and fruit markets (souks) in Morocco, you will easily spot the meat market; small stalls specializing in particular meats: one for beef, one for lamb, one for poultry; even one for offal, or innards. These are o...
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