The Blue And White City Chefchaouen – An Exploration Of Morocco’s Rif Mountains


Slightly out of breath from the long trek up the Moroccan mountainside you look up ahead and see that it is not too much further. You pass a goat herder who, despite his age, does not seem to be feeling the effects of the climb as much as you are, he nods and smiles kindly as you pass by. Determined to make it all the way you put your head down and trudge those last few yards, turning around you suddenly forget your aching muscles and try to take in the scene. This describes the essence of the blue washed Rif mountain town of Chefchaouen

The views from the Riff mountains in Chefchaouen is breathtaking. The whitewashed houses of Chefchaouen sparkle in the sunlight. The dotted landscape is unforgettable with vivid blues, reds, and oranges from carpets and clothes that have been hung out to dry. All around the village of

Chefchaouen is one of Morocco’s most picturesque villages that was built into the Rif Mountains a century ago. With its characteristic whitewashed buildings and brightly painted blue doors this little village is a must-see for travelers on a tailor made tour. Given the town has less tourism then more popular cities such as Marrakech, the village of Chefchaouen has been able to maintain its traditional Moroccan identity and the cafes and restaurants serve authentic food and drink from the region. Chefchaouen is also popular with backpackers and many younger travelers because of the relatively inexpensive hotels and hostels available.

A recent traveler to Chefchaouen was told by a local that when a road or a flight of stairs are painted blue, rather than the traditional white, it means that they lead to a dead-end. Locals found that because the village is built up into the side of a mountain it is very hard to see where you are going so they solved this problem by painting the road or stairs a brilliant bright blue! This is a creative and certainly very beautiful alternative to street signs!

  1. What an amazing place! I love that the colours are so vibrant, it makes you smile just looking at it in pictures so I can only imagine if you could see it in real life ….

  2. What a breathtakenly beautiful place God has placed on this earth! Thanks for the great description. I want to go and visit…