Majorelle Blue – Tour Yves Saint Laurent’s Moroccan Gardens

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech
Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech

Amidst the fresh greens of thorny cacti, towering bamboo, flowering lilies and ancient palms shines a dominant cobalt blue with flashes of sunny yellow, at the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.  Marrakech’s botanical garden designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) revolutionizes the way we think of color.

Bright potted plants of yellows, blues and greens are scattered throughout the Majorelle Gardens. Vines, ferns and hanging plants hand overhead in rows of terraces and birds fly back and forth to treetops as they fill the silence.

First time travelers to Morocco and those with a penchant for gardens are at every corner of the Majorelle Gardens capturing the vibrant colors and unique textures with camera in hand. Mararkech’s

The burnt orange walkways and mosaic tile floors weave through the depths of the garden by fountains, fish ponds and enchanting artwork.  There are an array of birds, fish and turtles inhabiting the magical oasis. The soothing waters and refreshing colors offer a serene beauty and sense of relaxation. The garden seems to exhale a tranquil breath, and travelers are able to unwind as they wonder around the for hours.


Majorelle Gardens has been open to the public since 1947. The Berber Musuem show cases historic objects ranging from Berber costumes, Berber silver jewelry, artifacts and Moroccan ceramics and embroidery. The Majorelle’s boutique gift shop has a contemporary edge to it and offers a wide range of handmade items for sale such as high end, luxury leather bags, Moroccan silver jewelry, colorful Moroccan baboosh (shoes), typical caftans and contemporary clothing made by Moroccan tastemakers and designers. New on the scene is Steve di Renza, the Retail Creative Director who has given life to the boutique. Beside the Majorelle Boutique there is a books store that sells vintage Moroccan prints, art and coffee table books, Moroccan literature and other unique items.

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