Travel the Roman Ruins of Volubilis in Ancient Morocco

1-ruinStreams of light illuminate the elaborate ruins accentuating each crevice line and jagged edge with a stream of shadows. As the sun sets the ivory Corinthian columns slowly fade from sepia tones to midnight black silhouettes. On a crisp day Voubilis follows this same ceremonial progression, while tourists snap a series of photos unable to capture the site’s magnificence.

The stone ruins display a rich antiquity. Archaeological traces in Voubilis have determined that the Romans occupied the area during the 3rd century BC and established a city of nearly 200,000 people. During this time the city served as the heart of Roman administration. It was an active part of Roman Africa producing grains and olive oil exports in the surrounding fertile regions which contributed to its immense prosperity.3-ruin

The dusty roads leading to Voubilis weave through the winding countryside. The ruins are deep within the gentle rolling hills and flush mountain terrain. The site covers around 800 by 600 metres. Surrounding the ancient remains is a garden of wild plants, and the sound of roaring waters from nearby streams invoke a feeling of serenity.

Standing from a distance travelers can look onto the horizon towards the vibrant blue skies and see the elegant temple remains, pillars and the dominant Triumphal arch.

Voubilis is easily accessible as a day trip from both Meknes and Fes. This area among other nationally recognized attractions in Morocco is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Voubilis is an archaeological thrill for those passionate about exploring some of the best preserved Roman remains in the world.2-ruin

Having survived a few massive earthquakes throughout ancient times, there remain over 30 well-preserved mosaics revealing scenes of ancient Roman culture and mythological creatures.

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