Where to Shop in Tanger

Taniger the capital of the Tétouan Region has a rich history and sits at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Spartel. Only 35 minutes from Spain by modern hydrofoil Tangier has a hugely multicultural society and is known for fabulous shopping. Tangier offers a modern Moroccan shopping experience in its old medina, Rue Mexique and on side streets with views magnificent of the Atlantic.

Salima Abdel Wahab Creations Tangier


Part concept store, part art gallery, this space features the best of Moroccan design and décor, both modern and traditional. Hand-blown teacups made from traditional green glass, original artwork influenced by Moroccan and Moroccan life, traditional babouche revisited, and one-of-a-kind fashion, the collection here is sure to surprise.
Address: 1 Rue du Palmier
Phone: +212-610-79-09-19


Popular with both locals and tourists, the Madini family has been creating perfumes for 14 generations in the traditional Islamic way. The extracts to blend together are on display, waiting to create the perfect blend. The shop also sells “inspired” perfumes by well-known labels.
Address: 5 boulevard Pasteur
Phone: +212-539-37-50-38


Tangier-based designer Salima Abdel-Wahab has her flagship store here and features a large selection of her unique fashions, all with a touch of Moroccan flair. Step inside and you’ll see how diverse and rich her collections for both men and women truly are. Handbags, vests, and funky oversized safari trousers for women are just a few of the regularly featured items.
Address: 19, rue My Abdellah (ex-rue Goya)
Phone: +212 6 62 36 71 57


Known as a cultural hub in Tangier, this is the spot to be during the day, but also in to the evening when films, photography exhibits and literary events take place. But it also houses one of the best bookshops in the city, and perhaps one of the best known in Morocco. With a collection of limited edition and vintage books, film posters and other rare finds, this is an interesting place to browse or have an afternoon tea break.
Address: 28, rue Khalid Ibn Oualid (ex-rue Vélasquez).
Phone: +212-539-37-13-67


With a restaurant as part of the concept store, this is the ultimate shopping experience in Tangier! Beautifully embroidered vests and beaded kaftans, and even cotton tunics are part of the clothing collection while the home décor section includes delicately scented candles, bed and bath linens and even tableware. We rarely leave empty-handed!
Address: 52 rue Kacem Guennoun, at the entrance to the Kasbah
Phone: +212-539-37-45-10


Tangier’s largest flea market: iron and copper works, textiles, and more.
Address: Road to Rabat.


Tangier’s local market where Northern artisan works can be found such as babouche, Djebellla Blankets, Local crafts and more.
Address: Rue d’Italie near Mendoubia Gardens


The extensive collection of rugs at Coin de l’Art Berbère includes samples from the Middle and High Atlas regions, made by Saharan and southern Berber tribes. There is also a collection of doors, locks, windows, and boxes from southern Morocco and the Sahara. Address:
Address: 53, rue des Chrétiens, Medina
Phone: +212-539-93-80-94