Visit Morocco Independently with a Travel Designer

During the past decade travel has taken on a new meaning across the world and also in Morocco. The places we choose to travel, how we choose the destination we want to visit, the companies we decide travel with or if we travel independently, all factor into a real life travel experience. Travel today is attached to new proverbial buzz words associated with the kinds of experiences we may have such as “glamping, flocation, break, staycation, gaycation, traincation, spacation, flashpacking” yet the authenticity of any journey is always highlighted by the travel designer or planner one hires to help make real life experiences happen. When visiting Morocco, the best way to guarantee a real life travel experience is to have a Morocco Travel Designer plan a customized private tour. A Morocco Travel Designer can offer a wide range of experiences for along with a comprehensive travel itinerary that caters to your travel desire to have an individual experience and not one that caters to mass travelers.

A Morocco Travel Designer starts the process with a series of discussions that offer insight into Morocco and the wide range of experiences one can have. This is followed up by a comprehensive and detailed planning process inclusive of getting to know a travelers past travel destinations, hobbies, intersts and ideals preferences of places to visit in Morocco. Morocco offers a wide range of private site seeing experiences from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Jewish Heritage Tours, rural discovery in Morocco’s South to Berber Villages, Wine Tasting options at magnificent vineyards in Imperial Meknes along other gastronomic and local Moroccan Culinary experiences such as a Souk Tasting Tour of Fes and a five-course Dinner extravaganza Tasting Tour in Djemma El Fna Square in Marrakech. Morocco also has outdoor adventure options such as Sahara Desert glamping, Coastal hikes in Essaouira and High Atlas Mountain Treks throughout Berber Villages. These kinds of experiential travel activities play a key role in life enriching travel experiences.

Sahara Desert Glamping Morocco

For travelers who want to focus on the Top 10 Places Not to Miss in Morocco or even a Sahara Desert Explorer the comfort of understanding that all can be planned by a Morocco Travel Designer that is an expert and living in Morocco plays a key role in the end experience.

When planning a private tour to Morocco the  important things to consider are:

  1. Hire a Morocco Travel Designer and a Company that offers a multilingual team that is based in Morocco.
  2. Seek out a company that is licensed in Morocco and interested to serve you locally with unique experiential travel activities that take you off the beaten path. Make sure to inform your Morocco Travel Agency that you are a traveler and not a tourist.
  3. Make sure your Morocco Travel Designer is an excellent planner and can fully manage your expectations to offer real life travel experiences that offer a transformational travel journey designed around you.