Dar El Bacha Presents Experimental Photography Exhibition By Mustapha Azeroual

World Exhibit, Mustapha Azeroual

On February 20, 2020, Marrakech’s Dar el Bacha Gallery will showcase the experimental Monade photography works of Mustapha Azeroual. The self-taught Franco-Moroccan artist used his training as a scientist to showcase work that analyzes photography. His scientific background helped him examine traditional shooting techniques against present-day styles. The exhibition will bring together Actin and Mondade photos – produced with and without film. In both cases, Azeroual uses ultra-violet rays and intense flashes to create unique effects of light prints on paper immersed in a photosensitive emulsion.

Azeroual’s work focuses on four themes: studying light, patterns, the restitution of color, and the question of support. He always questions photography tools, the process, and the point of view of the spectator.

His signature technique involves using old bichromate gum drawing. The process requires patience, concentration, and improvisation resulting in abstract compositions with polychromatic geometric shapes that resemble luminous halos.

All of Mustapha Azeroual’s experimental work begins with the fundamental concept that light is invisible to the naked eye, however, its power extends into being able to paint or write with it. Azeroual also uses fluorescent pigments to fix the effects of light on paper.