Jews and Muslims Break Bread During Ramadan

Muslims and Jews Gather During Ramadan

This past May 21st, 2019 marked the third year that Marrakech’s Muslim and Jewish communities organized an event, to break the fast, during Ramadan. Muslims and Jews met in front of the Beth El Synagogue Temple where they prayed in front of the Torah, at the foot of the Holy Ark, then enjoyed the traditional iftar meal.

Jews and Muslims Break Bread at Temple Beth El Synagogue in Marrakech during Ramadan

Jacky Kadoch, president of the Jewish community of Marrakech, explains, “it is King Mohammed VI’s consistent actions to support the Moroccan Jewish community that strengthens these bonds.” Approximately 220 people gathered at the Temple Beth El Synagogue to celebrate Ramadan. At the end of the prayer, a blessing for Morocco was said and then everyone convened for a celebratory dinner.

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