A Design Lovers Guided Tour of Marrakech

Villa Oasis, Marrakech, Former Home of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berg

Marrakech has long been sought after by designers for its’ style, beauty and sophistication. A Design Lovers Guided Tour of Marrakech is the is a must-do activity for Interior Designers, Artists, Architects and Fashion Designers looking inspiration, sourcing and networking opportunities within the Marrakech design community. A Marrakech Design Tour will help lay the groundwork for design professionals who are interested in engaging with local artisans, Marrakech designers, and sourcing Moroccan Handmade crafts.

There are a host of well-known expat artists and creative types who have made their business or home in Marrakech and in Morocco. French artistic genius, Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent did so in the 1960s and the result is a collective of three incredible projects, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the Majorelle Gardens, and Berber Museum.


Weaving Cooperative, Marrakech

Prolific writers such as Paul Bowles, William Burroughs made Tangier their home while French painters Eugene Delacroix and Henry Matisse also spent significant time there.

Today there are a host of new designers on Marrakech’s doorstep who are paving the way in the contemporary design scene. From the latest design trends in Moroccan fashion to innovative Moroccan crafts local artists both expatriates and native Moroccans are making a name for themselves. Designer wares can be seen at Pop Up Shops and Marrakech concept stores across the Marrakech Medina and the new town, Gueliz. There are a wealth of new carpet and weaving cooperatives, Moroccan owned, in rural regions to explore

The new town of Gueliz and it’s world-renowned Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the Majorelle Gardens and the Berber Museum are just a starting point for Interior Designers and Artists. Those who want to explore all that Marrakech has to offer should consider a Marrakech Design Tour led by a local.
On a Marrakech Design Tour, Interior Designers and Artists can visit Marrakech’s most sought after chic boutiques and concepts stores in Gueliz. This new town’s mix of Colonial and Historic, Art Deco architecture make it perfect for exploring.
Yahya Lighting Designer

Marrakech Design Tour Overview:

►Explore the new city of Gueliz and it’s world-renowned Yves Saint Laurent Museum, the Majorelle Gardens, and the Berber Museum.

►Special arrangements are available for a Private, Guided Tour of Villa Oasis, the former home of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

►Visit Marrakech’s most sought after chic boutiques and concepts stores in Gueliz. This is where Moroccan and international designers have trendsetting pieces and sought after unique items.
►Learn about Sidi Ghanem, the Marrakech Industrial zone, where contemporary artists and designers have their workshops and showrooms. Explore  Artisan Boutiques/ Ateliers and their workshops and showrooms. This urban enclave is a reminder of New York’s SOHO district in the 1970s where large loft spaces and concrete buildings abound. Known
►Sip mint tea and engage with Moroccan and International Designers who have made Marrakech’s, Historic Medina their home.
►Take a road trip just 30 kilometers outside of Marrakech to a rural village where historic Moroccan weaving,  embroidery and pottery cooperatives are located. The Mountain Village and it’s  Cooperative of Weavers is composed of artisans here have traditionally made clothing for the Marrakech region for many decades. Today, artisans make a diverse range of products.