Marrakech’s Dar Moulay Ali Hosts Light Painting Exhibition

Dar Moulay Ali Hosts Light Painting Exhibition

Marrakech’s Dar Moulay Ali will host a Light Painting Exhibition called A’sr Ennour, through May 21st, 2019.  The exhibition combines Islamic zellige tile and calligraphy. This unique work was created by Algerian light painter Fella Malou and French artists François Aenishanslin and William Guignard. The trio’s work explores Marrakech from a fresh perspective; they use a light painting technique and show photographic, video and stereoscopic creations against a hologram.”I like the light. I’m looking for the ways to sculpt it, to shape it, to spread it around a subject to give it a soul.

“I am a sculptor of light,” says Malou.

The exposition was initiated by Meriem Benmhamed, of Blog’in Café – a cultural and events project around writing in Marrakech –  and supported by the French Institute Marrakech. The exposition will take place near the Koutoubia Mosque, at the Dar Moulay Ali cultural space. The Dar Moulay Ali building is historically significant. It was the first house of Prince Moulay Ali, later purchased to house French generals, and then used as the French consulate’s base. In 2017, it opened up a meeting space to host exhibitions and forums; it also has a tea and gift shop.

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