Norya Ayron’s Caftan Prints Light up Marrakech & Hollywood

Norya Ayron’s Kaftan Prints

Norya Ayron is one of Marrakech’s trending fashion designers. A native of Algeria, her creations comprised of bold colors, wild and block prints have a sensibility of Marrakech meets Brooklyn. Norya’s trademark design is a Boho style long flowing caftan with a relaxed collared neck that has become a staple found in the closets of many Marrakechi women. She sources all fabrics on her own.

Ayron’s main boutique is located on the second floor of a private villa restaurant in the Dar el Bacha region of the Marrakech medina, Le Jardin. Her ethically produced designs have received international attention from Hollywood greats Sharon Stone, Monica Bellucci, Maggie Gyllenhall, Juliette Binoche along with Mos Deff. Prior to designing fashion pieces, Norya was an events organizer in Paris, London, and Cannes.

Norya’s brand philosophy is socially conscious and supportive of establishing equal pay for women in the media to encourage financial independence.

Ayron’s brand, began in 2013 when the owner of Le Jardin offered her the top floor space of his restaurant to create a pop-up shop.

Her Marrakech spring fashion line features flamboyant limited edition only prints that are funky with a new hint of modern elegance and feminine touch. To produce her comfortable silhouettes Ayron collaborates with Moroccan artisans and has a line of accessories including bags and totes created entirely by hand. Her online store sells a wide range of stunning caftans, yukatas, jumpsuits, and leather bags. She is also expanding her line with velvet coats, blouses, and evening wear.