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Moroccan Jewelry and Tiznit

Morocco has an ancient tradition of jewelry craftsmanship which continues today. Morocco’s Jewish population grew over many centuries and they were the artisans who created the jewelry as the muslims for religious reasons would not work with silver and gold.The jews and the berbers intermarried and there were a number of jewish berber tribes.

Bead Your Way Through Morocco, Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Treasure Hunting Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Bead your Way Through Morocco is a Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Treasure Hunting Tour created by Travel Exploration Morocco and hosted by Sarah Corbett, a Tribal Jewelry Expert. Travel Exploration Morocco is a Ouarzazate based Travel Agency and the first to offer this customized Moroccan Jewelry & Trade Bead Tour to Morocco with a Tribal Jewelry Expert.

Bead Your Way Through Morocco, Travel Exploration’s new quarterly Moroccan Jewelry & Bead Treasure Hunting Tour will launch it’s first Morocco travel itinerary on April 26th – May 9th, 2010. Bead Your Way Through Morocco will take Moroccan antique, trade bead enthusiasts and Moroccan jewelry collectors through a variety of Southern Moroccan cities, (Ait Ouzzine, Agdz, Tarodaunt, Tiznit) Saharan Desert Towns, (Zagora, M’hamid) the Seaside city of Essaouira and the Imperial city of Marrakech.