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Sefrou Cherry Festival in June, Tour Morocco Tour Guide

The June 2013 Sefrou Cherry Festival in Morocco, which celebrates the annual harvest, is the 93rd in its history and the first since its inclusion as part of the UNESCO immaterial cultural patrimony. The first Cherry festival held in Sefrou was In 1918. A cherry queen is crowned as a climax to street events and musical concerts. There will be exhibitions by cooperatives in the region to boost the local economy.

Oualidia the Well Kept Secret, Your Morocco Tour Guide

The lagoon and extensive beaches at Oualidia, lying between El Jadida and Safi, were a well kept secret and a favourite of Moroccans as a seaside venue and a place to unwind. Now it is finding increasing in popularity as a beautiful sheltered natural beach and fishing location where surfing and swimming in the lagoon are enjoyed by more tourists on a break from the busy streets of Casablanca and Marrakech.

Ourika Valley’s Nectarome Products and the Moroccan art of body care

In the village of Tnine in the Ourika valley Nectarome has an organic garden with aromatic plants and medicinal herbs where their products are created and a shop selling a range of soaps, shampoos aroma therapy and massage oils. There are also several outlets in Marrakech and Casablanca. The company has a team of experts in essential oils and pharmacy.

Riads and Guest Houses in Taroudant

Lying at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and blessed by the gulf stream from the Canaries which makes for an equitable climate in winter and a cool temperature in summer, Taroudant, with its fertile gardens and palm trees, is an ideal place for a restful holiday. Tarodaunt is just one hour from seaside Agadir and 8 hours from the Sahara Desert region.

Morocco for Vegetarians, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Morocco offers plenty of fulfilling options for vegetarian travelers . It has wonderful and abundant fresh vegetables and spices like cumin, saffron cinnamon and paprika and seasonal fruits which you will see piled high in local souks.

Morocco Sahara Desert Camps, Standard or Luxury Bivouac

When visiting the Morocco Sahara desert or Merzouga, M’hamid or Zagora you will be offered the option of a standard or luxury tent. When you go on a camel trek or by a 4X4 in the Moroccan Sahara there are many options of places to stay. There is a wide range of Standard bivouac camps, several top end Luxury Bivouac Camps and also Luxury Guest Houses all worth while of consideration.

Casablanca’s Changing Face, Your Casablanca Tour Guide

Casablanca is changing. It has always been the business capital and is Morocco’s largest city providing 48 per cent of the urban jobs in Morocco. It had the reputation of being run down and polluted but things are changing. The newest addition is Casablanca’s new tramway system a radical change in urban transport policy which links the centre with some of the suburbs . It was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI with French Prime Minister Jean- Marc Ayrault. There is now an alternative to Casablanca’s red petit taxis and the traffic jams in the city centre.

Casablanca Tour of Derb Ghallef, Your Morocco Tour Guide

One of Morocco’s little known city sites where old world tradition and modern technology meet hand in hand is Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef. Derb Ghallef in Casablanca is worth visiting on a one-day Casablanca Tour. Derb Ghallef is essentially an enormous flea market and the center of distribution for black market goods and services in Casablanca, Morocco. The noise and bustle of the auction block, the bargain prices of the flea market and its goods are defining features of today’s Derb Ghallef. There is no better way to see a live flea market on a Casablanca Tour then Derb Ghallef.

Best Times To Take a Morocco Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is referred to as a cold country with a hot sun. Morocco’s unique weather patterns make it possible to find an ideal area to take a Morocco Tour year round. Its summers are exceptionally hot and winters can be chill to the bone. Morocco’s climate greatly fluctuate sdue to the country’s geographic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Morocco Tours For Women, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco is a woman’s paradise for culture, food and magnificent markets. Want to discover Morocco’s Sacred Spaces, Imperial Cities, Ancient Kasbahs and Berber villages with other likeminded women? Visit Morocco! Join our Just for Women Tours or let us create a tailor-made group journey of your own. Cook, bellydance, trek the Sahara and attend a henna party. Travel Exploration’s Morocco tours for women offer a combination of luxury and adventure. Trip prices to Morocco include a FREE cooking class or balloon ride over the Atlas Mountains.