Traveling with Children in Morocco, Your Morocco Tour Guide

What is it like to Travel in Morocco with Children? Touring Morocco with Your Family.

Families who bring their kids on vacation for a Morocco Travel experience will find a special entry into Moroccan society. Moroccans love children and much of Moroccan society is focused on the family and their offspring. Children are warmly welcomed and treated with every consideration in Morocco. Teaching your kids a few words of Arabic before they come to Morocco can be very rewarding. Traveling with kids in Morocco can also be a tremendous icebreaker. Moroccan restaurant waiters, maids and shopkeepers will be far more attentive when children are around. Whether you plan on spending One-week in Morocco with your Family or exploring on a Two-week or more Family Adventure Tour be sure to start planning a minimum of six months in advance.

Merzouga Sahara Desert Family Trek & Tour

Moroccans love children and much of Moroccan society is focused family.

Bringing your children to Morocco will introduce them to many lively experiences ranging from colorful souks, ancient kasbahs, and a vast  countryside. When traveling with kids to Morocco there’s much to explore such. Family’s can visit unspoiled beaches, trek across the Atlas Mountains camel trek in the Sahara desert . The sights and sounds of Morocco offers different activities to children, those that are adventurous and fun. Flights from Europe are available and just three and a half hours to airports in many cities that have excellent rail and road links. Morocco is the ideal family vacation destination.

A few precautions are necessary when visiting Morocco with kids. The sun is deep and penetrating and the light is very bright. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and sun block are important and in the evening when temperatures may drop a sweater is recommended. Morocco often has four seasons in a day.

Some medicines for tummy trouble are also a good idea although if you eat fruits that you peel and wash and drink bottled mineral water this greatly lessens the risk. It is important for children to drink lots of water and carrying a small bottle with them helps to remind them of this.

Marrakech Palmeraie Hotel

Where to Stay in Morocco with Children.

Many Moroccan riads and hotels are child friendly. You can check this out with your Morocco travel agent prior to booking a private tour Additional beds and babysitters are available at the majority of  properties in Morocco. Some riads are more adult orientated but those who welcome children advertise the fact on their websites.

When traveling with children in Morocco staying at a riad or hotel in the Marrakech Palmeraie is ideal given it offers an ideal combination of nature and space. Marrakech Palmeraie Hotels offer family friendly accommodations and generally inspired by local culture and customs. They are typically excellent options for a family touring on vacation as they offer private landscaped gardens, a wealth of activities, have well appointed swimming pools, kids clubs and all-day family entertainment programs. Most have beautiful outdoor areas with a variety of restaurant options including, kid friendly Moroccan cuisine.

Family Travel, Club Med Marrakech Palmeraie

Club Med in the Palmeraie in Marrakech has excellent children’s facilities and is very family orientated. Other child friendly establishments include; Les Deux Tours in the Palmeraie which has extensive gardens and the Gulf Palace Hotel which has a special children’s park. It’s also possible to book an entire boutique riad for your stay or self catering apartments.  If you decide to stay in a smaller property make sure the accommodations have a swimming pool, particularly if you are visiting Morocco during late spring or summer.  There are several family friendly establishments outside of Marrakech’s city center such as Oasiria Waterpark and the splendid Beldi Country Club; which are perfect for warmer days.

Moroccan Souks

Traveling with Children in the Moroccan Souks. A Must Do Family Activity.

Visiting the Moroccan souks when traveling with children is a must do activity. The souks in Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes are essential. Children will be fascinated by the rich and abundant displays of spices, artifacts and the medinas magical world of ancient buildings. It is best to avoid visiting the souks during very crowded hours of the day. Small children should be carried or at least have a lead. Baby carriers and buggies are not a good idea in the crowded and narrow souks; if you use them make sure they have sturdy wheels and can fold up easily. Shopping in the Moroccan Souks on Saturdays or off peak times is recommended.

Morocco Travel with Children. First Time Visiting Morocco with Family. Should I Book a Morocco Private Tour or Plan My Own Trip?

If your family is visiting Morocco for the first time, you may want to consider booking Private Morocco Tour.  Experts on the ground can  create an itinerary that is family oriented and choose guides that will be a good fit for your children’s interests.  Having a Morocco travel agency arrange for family oriented activities will make the vacation planning less taxing. Other options are to consider hiring a guide recommended by your riad or hotel. Morocco’s Office of Tourism can also provide English speaking guides.

Djemaa El Fna Square, Marrakech

Morocco Travel with Children in Djemma El Fna Square at Night. Watch Medieval Acrobats and Snake Charmers or Book a Marrakech Food Tour.

The Djemma El Fna square has snake charmers, monkeys and story tellers. In the medina you need to be prepared for allot of action. Motorbikes and mopeds coming round street corners, sometimes at record speed therefore it’s best to walk close to the walls rather than the center of the narrow street. An effort is being made by the authorities to ban motorbikes and mopeds from the souks and signs are in place. The message that a pedestrian area is for pedestrians is slowly getting through. Great care needs to be taken crossing roads in the medina and the modern town, Guéliz. Crossing at traffic lights when cars are stopped in one direction, pedestrians need to be aware that traffic on the other side still flows despite the red light. Pedestrian’s rights and safety still have a way to go.

Morocco is not a society ruled by health and safety and you will see motorbikes with four family members mounted on them without a helmet in sight.

Morocco Travel with Children Outside of Cities? What are Some Family Friendly Activities?

When planning a road trip outside of Moroccan cities, particularly Marrakech, it is recommended to hire a car with a licensed tourism driver who speaks fluent English. Visit the Ourika Valley, Imilil or Ouarzazate via the Tizzin Tichka Pass a private driver is a must. Licensed English speaking tourism drivers are available to be booked through your Morocco travel agent or you can view online options. While you can rent a car and drive yourself, its best to play safe and enjoy the scenery on your first visit to Morocco. Morocco does not have a particularly good road safety record and the roads particularly in the mountain areas can be quite challenging.

Ait Ouzzine Berber Village, Hadous Drumming with Children

Morocco Travel with Children, Berber Village Cultural Tour. An Experience for the Entire Family.

One of the unique experiences that can be shared as a family and unique to Morocco is to visit a Berber Village Morocco’s countryside. You can sip tea and eat couscous a Moroccan family while discovering cultural traditions and the unique customs of the Berbers. Your entire family can learn about Berber Hadous drumming traditions, bread baking  on volcanic rock and have your hands painted with henna.  Families can also visit historic ksars that are nestled in the High Atlas or Middle Atlas Mountain regions of Berber villages. Kids can explore  ancient kasbahs and see local, village life where family’s have their own henna fields, water wells, livestock, and gardens. Berber villages are tucked away along impressive mountain and desert routes are hidden villages throughout Morocco.

Morocco Travel with Children, Family Friendly Dining Options.

Moroccan and international food is available in restaurants. The cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes have Macdonalds with all Moroccan cities offering pizza and fast food options. For snacks and other child accessories the Marjane and Carrefour supermarkets in Marrakech, Fes and Casablanca have a wide selection of products available. Pharmacies in Morocco also have a range of medicines on hand at all times. It’s a good idea to check out lists of doctors in each city provided by your embassy on line before you arrive, as a precaution. Your Morocco travel agent can also provide this information along with hospitals located in each city and region for emergencies.

Outside Marrakech rafting along the rivers,  trekking in the Atlas Mountains and visiting old kasbahs like Telouet and Ait Ben Haddou are highly recommended. Children can explore the winding streets which are still inhabited and enjoy the excitement of discovering an onsite location where Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Kundun among other American blockbusters where filmed.  A trip to the Sahara Desert’s Erg Chebbi Dunes and a trek with camels is also very popular.

If this is your family’s first trip to Morocco it’s important not to try to do too much traveling. Morocco is spread out and it takes a significant amount of time to drive from city to city and region to region. Another excursion from Marrakech to consider is Essaouira which has been made much easier by the newly finished motorway . Children will love the long beach which offers surfing, swimmers should be aware that there are strong under currents and care should be taken on Morocco’s many fine Atlantic beaches. Essaouira has fine battlements and ramparts with ancient cannons, excellent souks and a variety of restaurants . The busy fishing port is a great draw and fishing trips and boat trips to the Isle of Mogador are also possible. Bike riding in the surrounding countryside around Essaouira and trekking trips are also available.

Morocco Travel Year Round with Children.

Morocco is a destination visited by families year round yet July and August are exceptionally hot. Keep this in mind when traveling with kids. It’s best to avoid the desert in summer unless your family fares well in hot temperatures. A family friendly hotel with a swimming pool or a guest house near a lake is a must.

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