Where to Shop in The Marrakech Medina

Morocco is a true shopper’s paradise. 

With centuries-old souks, authentic craftsmanship, and tiny workshops, the shopping scene offers both old and new. Moroccan crafts are a fundamental part of Moroccan life. Cooperatives have been working wood, metal, copper, wool, linen, stone, and clay into distinctly Moroccan products for centuries. Although Morocco has developed and modernized in many ways, Moroccan arts and crafts are still produced in the traditional ways. Traditional craftsmanship is still highly valued in Moroccan culture as is Moroccan Design.

Everything you need to know about Shopping when traveling to Marrakech is available here in our short guide. The Best Marrakech Boutiques, Antiquaries, Craft Designers & Cooperatives are at your fingertips.

Akbar Delights Boutique, Marrakech

Akbar Delights

Located just off the famous Djeema el Fna Square in Bab Fteuh, Akbar Delights sells its fine fashion collection of elegant women’s wear for both day and evening. The shop does have a small collection of Moroccan goods and accessories and the sister store Moor on Rue de Vieux Marrakchis in Gueliz is even larger.
 Address: 45 place Bab Fteuh, Medina
Phone: +212-671-66-13-07


Easy to find and with a friendly owner Toufik, this is one of the best up-market boutiques for fine Moroccan fashion with a Western twist. Using the finest silks, Toufik creates a stunning collection of kaftans, velvet vests, and cotton tunics are part of the collection that changes regularly. But if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, custom orders are possible and take up to two weeks.
Address: 9-11 Soukiat Laksour, Bab Fteuh
Phone: +212-524-44-10-76

Art Ouarzazate

Tucked away just off the spice square (Rahba Kedima) in the Marrakech medina, this recently expanded boutique features a unique collection of clothing for both men and women and an accessories line. Fine and faux furs line warm vests; leather is woven to create unique rugs, cushions, and handbags; and floral patterns create a unique collection.
Address: 15 rue Rahba Kedima, Medina
Phone: +212-648-58-48-33

Mustapha Blaoui Boutique, Marrakech

Mustapha Blaoui

A true Aladdin’s cave filled with treasures new and old from across Morocco and the world. The shop is popular among interior decorators and riad owners who flock for the trendiest boho-chic finds. The carpet collection here rivals any other in Marrakech with worldwide shipping available.
Address: 142-144 Rue Bab Doukkala
Phone: +212-524-38-52-40

Warda La Mouche

A proper storefront on Derb Zitoun Jdid, just past the former Cinema Eden, this shop sells trendy sarouel pants and flowing
tunics for those who like the bohemian look. Bright colors and comfortable styles are the key elements of the designs here.
The collection changes seasonally, but staple pieces are always available. A girl’s collection is available as well.
Address: 127 rue Kennaria, Medina
Phone: +212-524-38-90-63


Colorful and comfortable describe Agadir-based fashion designers Max & Jan’s clothing collection. Sarouel pants, tunics, fitted dresses, and one-piece suits are usual staples found in the collections that change seasonally. Complete your look with a headscarf or a chunky necklace from the accessories line. The shop is easy to find as it is located across from the Mouassine Fountain.
Address: Mouassine Fountain, Medina
Phone: +212-524-37-55-70

Riad Yima, Hassan Hajjaj Boutique, Marrakech

Riad Yima

Located just off the famous Djeema el Fna Square in Bab Fteuh, Akbar Delights sells its fine fashion collection of elegant
women’s wear for both day and evening. The shop does have a small collection of Moroccan goods and accessories and the
sister store Moor on Rue de Vieux Marrakchis in Gueliz is even larger.
 Address: 45 place Bab Fteuh, Medina
 Phone: +212-671-66-13-07

Zwin Zwin

Just a little shop on the Place des Ferblantiers, near CosyBar and just steps from the Bahia and Badi Palaces, Zwin Zwin is brimming with hand-made pochettes in various sizes. Flour bags are up-cycled and decorated with black-and-white postcards to create unique laptop bags and make-up bags. You will also find a selection of bags featuring the hand of Fatima, a sign of
protection in Moroccan culture.
Address: Place des Ferblantiers, MedinaPhone
Phone: +212-524-37-83-22

Norya Ayron’s, Pop up Shop

While the name implies this trendy boutique may not be around for long, Norya Ayron doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Located inside Le Jardin restaurant, Norya’s uses bold and colorful fabric to create limited edition takes on classic Moroccan styles including kaftans, aybayas, and gandouras. While these styles are traditionally reserved for men, the funky fabrics and bohemian look are making them a hit with the tourists and the stars. Sharon Stone stopped by during the 2013 Marrakech International Film Festival and purchased one of the unique aybayas. After all, the collections are regularly featured in leading European magazines.
 Address: 32 Souk El Jeld Sidi Abdelaziz, Medina
Phone: +212-661-29-59-90

Topolina Boutique, Marrakech


Retro fabrics and bold patterns are used to create Topolina’s boho-chic clothing collection. The small shop in Dar El Bacha may be compact but shoppers can easily leave with clothing from head to toe: revisited vintage coats and handbags, colorful dresses and dainty pastel and floral loafers. However, for greater selection, head to the huge showroom and workshop in Sidi Ghanem where the collection takes over the entire floor of an art-deco building. Both men’s and women’s wear is available.
Address: No. 436, Quartier Industriel and 134 Dar El Bacha, Medina
Phone: +212-651-34-57-95

Souk Cherifa

With its collection of unique designers housed on the first floor of this building near Dar El Bacha, Souk Cherifa is like a shopping mall within the medina. Designers here include Art/C, famous for his carpet clutches; Sissimorocco for silk-screened
cushion covers, and Lalla, our favorite boutique for unique leather handbags. Open daily until 7 p.m., the shops sell one-of-a-kind fashion, accessories and home décor. Address: 
Address: Sidi Abdelaziz, MedinaSidi Abdelaziz, Medina

Aya’s Marrakech

Located just off the famous Djeema el Fna Square in Bab Fteuh, Akbar Delights sells its fine fashion collection of elegant women’s wear for both day and evening. The shop does have a small collection of Moroccan goods and accessories and the sister store Moor on Rue de Vieux Marrakchis in Gueliz is even larger.
Address: 45 place Bab Fteuh, Medina
Phone: +212-671-66-13-07

Abdelhakim Keddabi

This shop located between Café Arabe and the Mouassine Fountains, it’s one of the few shops with display windows. Using leathers from Fes and Casablanca, Hakim creates fine leather bags at reasonable prices. The styles are simple but trendy and in a variety of colors. As Hakim says, he creates pieces that are functional, but stylish.
 Address: 115 Rue Mouassine, Medina
Phone: +212-670-21-68-48

Al Nour

This socially responsible shop sells textiles prepared by the women supported at the adult day center for women with disabilities. Table linens, baby clothing, and women’s tunics and dresses are among the items hand-made and embroidered by the women who work away on site. The friendly locals will happily chat away with customers as they shop.
Address: 57 Rue Laksour, Medina
Phone: +212-524-39-03-23
Phone: +212-651-34-57-95


A true Ali Baba cave with display cases, baskets and every inch of this tiny boutique filled with silver tribal jewelry, teapots and other gems. Aziz the owner speaks English and proudly displays his photo alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Aidan during the filming of Sex and the City2, which was shot on this street.
 Address: 17 rue Mouassine/Fhal Chidmi, Medina
Phone: +212-668-21-66-63

Bennouna Weaver

It may be just a small workshop with only one loom, but Bennouna the Weaver produces some fine scarves. Located across
from the Maison de la Photographie in the Kaat Benahid district of the Marrakech medina, the prices here are reasonable and 
the collection changes depending on the season. Soft oranges and purples in light linen make for the perfect summer scarf while richer and heavier textiles keep you warm in winter. Expect to pay from 200.00MAD for a scarf, but sit and have a tea. Expect to pay from 200.00MAD for a scarf, but sit and have a tea with the shopkeeper and you may negotiate a great deal!
 Address: 25 Souk Hel Fez Kaat Benahid, Medina
 Phone: +212-664-08-12-87

Souk Khemis

Meaning Thursday market, Souk Khmiss is a large flea market that has grown in popularity and now takes place on both Thursday and Sunday. Expect to see expats hunting for furniture, carpets, and bric-a-brac to furnish their riads and restaurants and interior designers looking for cool finds. Prepare to negotiate the prices and hunt for the real treasures!
 Address: Bab Khmiss, Route des Remparts

L’Art du Bain, Marrakech Organic Soap Boutique

L’Art du Bain

Owned by a Moroccan-French couple, one a graphic designer the other a soap maker, this small shop sells a unique line of bath products using locally sourced ingredients. Located just inside the souks, the small boutique is not far from the dyer’s market. For a rich and moisturizing soap, Little Fatma is made with argan oil. For the more adventurous, the donkey’s milk soap is said to slow aging by rejuvenating the skin. Whether as a gift or for yourself, the packaging here is trendy and unique, as designed by the owner.
 Address:13 Souk el Labadine, Medina 
Phone: +212-668-44-59-42

Khaled Art Gallery

Marrakech’s top end gallery with an incredible selection of antique jewelry, embroideries, and furniture. Khaled is one of the best art dealers in Morocco with impeccable taste. He also has one of Morocco’s most extensive textile collections and Chamsa (Khamsa) collections as well. Originally from Fes Khaled, has many wealthy patrons, one being Morocco’s Royal Family.

Address: Rue Dar El Bacha
Phone: +212 05-24-44-31-63

La Maison du Caftan

This large boutique offers all things related to Caftan shopping in Marrakech. There is a large variety of traditional and modern Moroccan Caftans along with accessories, baboush, chemises and pants. Varied Moroccan styles for men and women alike.
Address: 65 rue Sidi El Yamani, Moussine
 Phone: +212 524 44 10 51

Kis Boutique

Whether you’re looking for a trendy kaftan to wear at Nikki Beach, a unique handbag or even just a small trinket to take 
home for a friend, KIS Boutique has something for everyone. With the emphasis on “fun”, the collection here is regularly changing. The shop itself is quite cute and well worth a visit.
Address: 36 Derb Fhal Chidmi, Mouassine, Medina 
Phone: +212-675-48-00-18

Ministerio Del Gusto

Step inside Ministerio del Gusto and you’ll quickly realize that the eclectic collection of vintage clothing, funky furniture, and fabulous accessories are as unique in the space that houses it. Perhaps best described as Gaudi-esqe but with African influences, the shop is regularly frequented by fashionable and artistic clients. After all, ex-Italian Vogue editor Alessandra Lippini owns the shop and her business partner Fabrizio Bizzarri.
Address: 22 Derb Azouz El Mouassine, off rue Sidi El Yamami, Medina
Phone: +212-524-42-64-55

Atelier Moro

Owned by Columbian native Viviana Gonzalez, be sure to head here for a cool selection of housewares, clothing and accessories from both Moroccan and Columbia. The store stocks a great selection of Columbian handbags as well as Moroccan carpets. To find the shop, head past the Mouassine fountain, towards the archway leading to the dyer’s souk. The door is hidden off to the right before entering the souks.
 Address: 114 Place de Mouassine, Mouassine
Phone: +212-524-39-16-78 or +212-660-54-35-20

FNAC Berber Bookshop

The medina’s only book shop. There is a wide range of selection of books. The range is from cookbooks, coffee table art books, to Islamic architecture, design along with some literature.