Virtual Tour of Top 8 Secret Places In Fes

Virtual Tour of Top 8 Secret Places In Fes

While travel to Morocco has come to a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible to visit Fes, one of the country’s most spiritual and historical cities, within mere seconds. Our Fes Virtual Tour enables you to become an armchair traveler with the blink of an eye while exploring the Fes medina and its’ hidden treasures including the ornamented Blue Gate, 9th-century Karaouiyne University, iconic Dar al-Magna Clock House, most notable Fes tannery, Ibn Danan Synagogue, Batha Garden & Museum, Pottery Cooperative, and Plan it Fez Food Tasting Tour. You may use the map of the Fes Medina and our Top 8 Secret Places as your guide, then click on the images for a virtual video tour.

Chouara Tannery, Fez
Chouara Tannery, Fez

What are the Top 8 Places to Visit on a Virtual Tour to Fes?

1.  Dar al-Magna Clock House, 14th Century Water-powered Clock

A 14th-century water-powered clock built by Marinid Sultan Abu Inan Faris.

2.  Batha Garden & Museum, a 19th Century Royal Palace

This former 19th-century royal palace was converted into a museum of historical arts and crafts in 1915. It houses a collection of over 6,500 objects.

3.  Ibn Danan Synagogue, a 17th Century House of Worship

This 17th-century place was built by Mimoun Ben Sidan, a wealthy merchant from the town of Ait Ishaq.

4.  Plan it Fez Food Tasting Tour, a Top Culinary Experience 

One of Fes’ best culinary tour experiences inside the ancient city. Aimed to connect you to the magic of the culture and local people.

5.  Bab Boujloud Gate, the Main Blue City Gate in Fes

An ornate, hand tiled blue city gate and the main western entrance to Fes el Bali, of UNESCO Fez, Morocco.

6.  Chouara Tannery, an 11th Century Fes Tradition

This 11th-century tannery is the largest of three tanneries in Fes. Its leather goods produced are exported around the world.

7.  University Kairouine, a Fes UNESCO Heritage Site

According to UNESCO and Guinness World, this higher educational institution is considered the oldest in the world and it continues to operate.

8. Art Naji Pottery Cooperative, the World’s Best Pottery

The Pottery Quarter is located outside the medina’s walls, in Ain Nkobi, and houses some of the world’s best pottery.