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The Pottery and Ceramics of Morocco

Morocco’s pottery and ceramics are one of the real treasures of the souks with diverse traditional and modern colors and designs influenced by Berber and Islamic art and before them, absorbing Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine designs. Ceramics and pottery pieces include vases, plates, pots, dishes, bowls, and the funnel shaped tangines used for slow cooking stews. Be sure to distinguish pottery used for cooking from ceramics used for decoration, because the glazes used to fix colors include lead and cadmium. It is not unusual for there to be several glazing and several firings on a particular Moroccan piece. The final product is vividly decorated and water-resistant due to the glaze.

Moroccan Artists & Designers, Ahmed Laghrissi, Hicham El Madi and Myriam Mouabit

There are many Moroccan designers, artists and craftsmen breaking new ground and leading innovations in lifestyle and creativity. Moroccan Designers Ahmed Laghrissi, Hicam El Madi and Myriam Mourabit are three exceptional practioners of their art. All were born in Morocco and have been influenced by either great family artists, their environment and Moroccan visual arts and culture. When visiting Morocco on a Pottery and Zellij Tile Design tour or on your own, one can discover galleries, souks and private spaces filled with these and many other visual artists. Morocco is a mecca of great designers ranging from Moroccan pottery to furniture to tile work, painting and lighting.

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