Ecole Broderie Sale Brings Back Lost Art of Moroccan Embroidery

Embroidery School, Rabat


Fadila el Gadi is a Moroccan designer who opened up Ecole Broderie Sale, an embroidery school to teach underprivileged children the lost art of stitchery. The school has always been a dream for Gadi. “I felt that the craft was threatened and teachers were not able to share their knowledge. My dream is to instill the love of embroidery in Morocco’s young generation.” Embroidery has slowly become extinct in Morocco. Gadi originally wanted to create a larger school in 2020 however she felt the urgency to begin and launched in 2016. When the school opened, it accepted any students who wanted to join. Today there is a more selective process.

“My dream is to instill the love of embroidery in Morocco’s young generation.”

Located outside the capital city Rabat, Ecole Broderie Sale is also opening up opportunities for the children, many of whom were dropouts or never even went to school. ” I was a dropout and was just going to stay home, ” says Nadia ” but then I found this school and ended up winning a competition to do an internship in Paris. My whole world has changed. In addition to learning the art of embroidery, children can study French, English, and take computer classes to improve their design skills. There is no fee to enroll and the school operates by receiving teachers and logistical help from various institutes. Ecole Broderie Sale is partnered with Pascal Jaouen, a design embroider who opened his own embroidery school in Quimper, France in 1995.