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Americans typically ponder about where to travel for Christmas and New Years vacation during the fall season. With the economy in a tailspin still trying to recover, what better a time to take a leap of faith and plan your Morocco Dream Vacation! Morocco travel offers affordable airfare, reasonably priced accommodations at Moroccan Riads (restored luxurious large home or Moroccan style palace with guest rooms centered around a courtyard, gardens and fountains) and Hotels plus Morocco private tour options. A Morocco private tour can range from 4-10 days.

Whether you are a traveler on a budget or want a luxury Morocco travel experience, aMorocco Dream Vacation is a feasible option. A Morocco Dream Vacation also lends an opportunity to expand your historical horizon. Private tour companies like Travel Exploration offer Morocco Travel licensed historical guides that will guarantee an unforgettable Morocco Travel vacation.

During the American holiday season of Christmas and New Years a Morocco Dream Vacation is the perfect escape and one that will guarantee the experience of a lifetime. If you are one of those Americans who has ever imagined a Morocco Dream Vacation, now is the time consider spending Christmas and New Years in Marrakech, Morocco. When traveling to Morocco for a Moroccan Dream Vacation you have the option to have Travel Exploration plan your entire stay in the Marrakech region or branch out to explore other Imperial Cities such as Fes, Meknes, Casablanca and even build in a short break to the Sahara Desert.

Marrakech, often referred to as the “Paris of Morocco,” or the red city “Al Hamra” offers fun filled, exciting and exotic activities for singles, couples, groups and families who decide to travel to Morocco during the Moroccan Christmas and New Years season. Christmas and New Years in Marrakech, Morocco can be a treat for the entire family. The air is crisp in November, December and January in Marrakech and also in other regions of Morocco. Marrakech is warm enough in winter to explore its lush, green gardens, historical sites and monuments that sit nestled within the Atlas Mountains by foot, with a Moroccan historical guide, and also in a 4×4.

If you are ready to take a Morocco Dream Vacation for Christmas and New Years, then come visit Marrakech. Here are the Top 10 activities that are available for tourists and locals during the Christmas and New Yeas season in Marrakech, Morocco

Top 10 Marrakech, Morocco Dream Vacation Activities

#1:   Travel to Marrakech’s Majorelle Gardens. Created by French painter Jacque Majorelle and maintained by former fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent until his death, the Majorelle Garden boasts hundreds of kinds of cactus, lily ponds, a variety of flora and fauna plus a fabulous Arab Museum and magnificient Moroccan gift shop. The cobalt hue garden walls have a distinctive color that is referred to as Majorelle, Blue.

#2:  Travel to the Contemporary Museum of Marrakech. This Marrakech Museum lays claim to rotating exhibitions that are some of he most exotic, fascinating and controversial in the Muslim world. Islamic artists use the museum as an opportunity to showcase their evolving artistic craft of painting, collage and photography in Morocco’s moderate country which is open an accepting of Iranian exhibitions alongside Moroccan. The Contemporary Museum of Marrakech also has a permanent antique collection of Arab and Berber historical items that is also worth a visit during your travels to Morocco.

#3: Travel to Marrakech’s La Mammounia Gardens by horse and carriage (where Alfred Hitchcock wrote his critically acclaimed film, “The Birds”.) La Mammounia boasts a Winston Churchill Room, a fantastic maze of gardens that lies behind the hotel with bougainvillea plus a range of other exotic flowers. La Mammounia has recently been renovated and its architects have put a contemporary spin on its old world décor while maintaining a must-dine-at Moroccan restaurant that makes claim to some of the most delightful tasting lamb’s shoulder and luscious Moroccan couscous cuisine.

#4: Travel to Chez Ali Supper Club, an Arabian-Nights-style entertainment that showcases an evening Fantasia equestiran and Acrobat show alongside a Moroccan Music Extravaganza. Chez Ali is located in the Marrakech Palmary. See this traditional Fantasia show performed by Moroccan equestrians who train year round as you are bedazzled by Berber, Gnaoua and other Moroccan traditional singers. Dine on Moroccan hairia soup, miswei, a traditional Moroccan meat dish, which is followed by a light desert of almond cookies and sweet mint tea. The Chez Allez Fantasia equestrian show lasts 2 ½ hours and is perfect for singles, couples and families.

#5: Travel to Marrakech’s Top Haute cuisine restaurants: Le Fondouk, Le Marrakeshi, Le Maison Arabe, Le Comptoir and Amanjana. Sample Morocco’s most authentic and exotic cuisine that sizzles the senses with exotic Moroccan spices and an mélange of French, Moroccan flavors. All of Morocco’s haute couture cuisine restaurants have chefs who were either trained at culinary schools abroad, many in France and Italy and who grew up with the gift of great taste.

#6:  Travel to a Moroccan Film, located in the Garden district called Gueliz. Take 2 hours out of your Morocco Dream Vacation to see a Moroccan made film, the best of Moroccan cinema, live.

#7: Travel to the Souks of Marrakech. Marrakech boasts some of the liveliest souks filled with Moroccan goods. Spend the day discovering Marrakech’s old medina where cactus silk scarves and blankets sit next to Moroccan traditional and contemporary pottery, embroidered Moroccan leather and suede shoes (baboosh) in Marrakech’s colors of magenta, Majorelle blue, hot pink, turquoise, school bus yellow, scarlet red, copper bronze, gilded gold and shiny silver. The souks of Marrakech are also a great place to buy traditional Moroccan caftans, a Moroccan jalaba, exotic spices, dates and intimately designed silver tea sets.

#8: Travel to the Koutoubia Mosque at night. Visit the 12th century Koutoubia mosque after sunset and watch its minaret glisten with its mystical light in the city center just across the street from Djemma el Fna Square. Wander through the Koutoubia gardens and stand still outside the whitewashed mausoleum that sits quietly in front of the Koutoubia mosque where one of Marrakech’s great Moulay’s is buried.

#9:  Travel to Djemma el Fna Square, the heart of Marrakech. Djemma el Fna Square is the city center and the entrance to the old medina which hosts a variety of outdoor food stalls selling fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, Berber and Arabic popular CD and old cassette tapes. Djemma el Fna has exotic eats from snails to goat head and from sheep brains to fresh salads and grilled meats. Dining in Djemma el Fna is something every Moroccan traveler must do while being entranced by its Moroccan snake charmers, fortune tellers, acrobats and carnival like atmosphere that is a Moroccan travelers treat.

#10: Travel the Old Jewish Mellah in Marrakech. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim or even Agnostic the Jewish Mellah is worth a visit. The Marrakech Jewish Mellah will literally take you back centuries in time and offer a Morocco Travel experience that leads you down a cross roads of history. Discover where a young, Moroccan Jewish girl was killed hundreds of year’s prior for not bowing her head to Islam. She lies in the old matt white painted cemetery, and is treasured by all who have departed, all who live and visit the Moroccan Jewish Mellah to date. Visiting the Moroccan Mellah is in some fashion homage to the Jews who died and an emblem of this young Jewish girls peace. You can even meet the elderly Jewish Rabbi who is without sight and continues to guard the old Temple in the Marrakech Mellah. The Rabbi of the Marrakech Mellah is blind and offers daily short tours of the old Temple, which is a simple concrete building and houses old Moroccan Jewish Torahs.

What ever you fancy as a Morocco Dream Vacation, Marrakech is a great starting point and offers a delight of Moroccan sites, eats, scenery, monuments, music and shopping for the American holiday season. Don’t hesitate, whether you are on a budget or desire luxury travel, Book a Private Tour to Marrakech, Morocco for Christmas & New Years today.

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