Gallery 127 in Marrakech Celebrates Denis Dailleux Pic Photo Series

Denis Dailleux won the Roger PIC Award

Marrakech‘s Gallery 127, known for vintage works and travel photography by international photographers, is celebrating Denis Dailleux, an artist whose work they presented in 2009. Dailleux won the Roger PIC Award by the MACC for his series ” In Ghana, We Shall Meet Again.” The award is worth 5000 Euros and will feature the photographs in the Scam Gallery (Swedish Council of Approved Modern Art).

Denis Dailleux won the Roger PIC Award.

Dailleux was born in 1958 in Angers, France and lives in Cairo. His work can be described as calm on the surface yet demanding. The artist has a passion for people that has led him to develop portraiture. Dailleux’s work is on display at Gallery 127 until June 8th, 2019 as part of the group exhibition, Lives Silent. Other artists showing in this event will include Carolle Benitah, Toni Catany, Nathalie Cohen, How Nicolas, Flora, Sandrine Rousseau, and Sara Imloul. Imloul, created her Black and White Photo Series Passages of the Shadows using a 19th century technique to elicit a paper negative effect.