Jewish Museum Set to Open in Fes

Fes el Jdid, New City/ Old City View

A Jewish Museum is set to open in Fes. King Mohammed VI has officially launched the construction of this new cultural edition to Morocco’s leading UNESCO city which is part of the Fes Medina 2018-2023 Vision. The National Foundation of Museums of Morocco’s (NFM) announced plans in 2018 to transform Fes’s Batha Museum into the Musee de l’Art de l’Islam (The Museum of the Art of Islam) and alongside a Jewish Memory Museum in Fez el Jdid, the new city of Fes.

A Jewish Museum is set to open in the Fes Medina.

Morocco’s monarchy has a respective commitment and craft for the restoration of Jewish Heritage sites and developing new Jewish projects. While Morocco’s Jewish population is small, having declined in 1948 when Israel became a state, its hundreds of Jewish sites inclusive of synagogues, cemeteries, museums, and cultural centers placed the Kingdom on the world map. The monarch’s vision unveiled, includes renovating and restoring Morocco’s walled cities along with its historic Jewish mellahs. The investment in 32+ projects in Fes was created to support its history, heritage, and traditional arts.

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