Mohammed VI’s Royal Dahir Grants Moroccan Citizenship To Celebrities & VIPs

King Mohammed VI grants citizenship to celebrities

King Mohammed VI has extended Moroccan citizenship to a number of foreign public figures and the traditional criteria was waived. Morocco’s newest citizens include Iranian businessman Mohammed Reda Nouri, the spouse of Lalla Joumala, the Moroccan Ambassador to the US; Kebir Mustapha Ammi, an Algerian writer born to a Moroccan mother from Northern Fes, and Michel Canesi, author of Villa Taylor ana novel based in Marrakech

 King Mohammed VI extends Moroccan citizenship to a foreign public figure.

French businessman Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, an avid Polo player and owner of PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club in Tangier; Francoise Atlan, a French-Algerian singer specializing in Andalusian and Jewish music; Mohamed Zine, a German boxer with Moroccan roots; and Mairbek Taisumov, a martial artist and devout Sunni Muslim of Chenchen descent were also granted citizenship.

King Mohammed VI is the only person in the kingdom who can grant a Royal Dahir and grant citizenship. In 2015, Moroccan citizenship was given to 7 people on humanitarian grounds. Historically, citizenship is only offered in special circumstances for those rendering services to Morocco or on moral, legal, or medical grounds.

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