Moroccan-Dutch Designer Fatima Essahsah Launches Berber Inspired Jewelry Collection

Stone Stories, Berber Jewelry

Fatima Essahsah, the Moroccan-Dutch jewelry designer, reveals sacred stories of the Amazigh (Berber) Heritage through her artistic creations. Shortly after graduating from university, Fatima launched Stone Stories, a sustainable design company selling artisanal Berber jewelry and accessories. The young entrepreneur traveled to Morocco for inspiration. The outcome is Essahsah now successfully employs professional artisans from Morocco’s Ouirka Valley region who turn her ideas into handmade stunning pieces of jewelry.

Essahsah’s Moroccan jewelry is made utilizing traditional Berber techniques that employ age-old materials like silver, jade, shell, and amber. Morocco is known for its artisans and the art of the jeweler or silversmith is one of many crafts practiced today. These methods such as casting and enameling were taught to the Berbers by the Jewish community who were jewelry designers, tailors, and craftsman of all forms. Historically, the Kingdom’s jewelry industry was led by the Jews and Fatima’s jewelry reflects these storied traditions.

Fatima Essahsah is a Moroccan-Dutch artist who reveals the sacred stories of the Amazigh heritage through her jewelry designs.

Fatima Essahsah, Dutch, Berber Jewelry Designer

Fatima’s business developed out of a life long calling to connect with her Amazigh roots. She visited extended family members living in Al Hoceima, the North of Morocco where her parents were born, to learn more about her origin. During the years she spent at University, the opportunity to discover her roots was presented when she adopted a social and cultural position. It was this experience that allowed her to embrace her Amazigh Heritage and fueled a passion to launch a business whereby she could give back to Morocco. “I make sure that everything is handmade, it is some sort of recycling as we use old pieces to create new ones,” says Fatima. Fatima’s work is exhibited in Dutch Museums and can be purchased at her online shop, Stone Stories.

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