Moroccan Youth Environmentalists to Host Car Free Day in Rabat

Rabat, Car Free Day 2020

Rabat will host a Car Free Day on September 22, 2019. The event is part of the global 2019 World Car Free Day and is organized by the capital’s Youth of the 21st Century NGO. This is the third time the nonprofit organization has created an event like this. Last Sunday, October 14, 2019, the group also organized a Car Free Day for Casablanca, Morocco’s urban jungle. Residents were asked to abstain from driving until 2pm. The youth running the NGO believes in developing Morocco to become a greener and more sustainable country. Those who wish to take part in the movement are encouraged to switch the use of their cars for public transportation, bicycles, or walking. The local Rabat authorities will support the event by closing off certain areas and streets to regular traffic from 10 am to 6 pm. The designated circuits will be for those riding a bicycle or walking. Cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are exempt.

Morocco’s Car Free Day event aims to reduce air pollution, traffic noise, and enhance the quality of city life. Its mission is in alignment with the Kingdom’s renewable energy goals. The Moroccan government has set up the impressive goal of meeting 42% of its energy requirements with renewable resources by 2020. Morocco has already invested more than $13 billion USD into developing this sector.

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