Top 10 Morocco Kosher Restaurants – Where to Dine

Cercle de l’union, Kosher Restaurant, Casablanca

Sephardic & Kosher cuisine has been interwoven throughout Morocco for centuries. Sephardic cuisine tells the story of the Spanish Jewish community from its roots in ancient Spain through the community’s expulsion in 1492 and subsequent global diaspora. Visiting Morocco offers a golden opportunity for Jewish travelers to discover the vibrance of Moroccan Jewish Heritage and dine at the Top 10 Moroccan Kosher Restaurants. Kosher fare can be shared with locals from the Jewish community at Casablanca’s lively Kosher Club, at a Kosher Bakery or the Sabbath spent at a private Marrakech home. From Kosher sushi to bagels, Morocco offers a wide array of both Glatt Kosher and Kosher options.

Kosher caterers and specialty chefs who cook for Moroccan Kosher restaurants are bound to enliven your palette with a wide array of Sephardic and traditional Moroccan flavors. By choosing to dine at the Top 10 Morocco Kosher Restaurants  travelers are guaranteed a unique, Moroccan-Jewish cultural experience. 


When you travel to Morocco on a comprehensive Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour this presents the perfect opportunity to explore local, Moroccan Kosher cuisine at some of Morocco’s Best Kosher restaurants.   

Dar Ima, Marrakech Kosher Restaurant

Top 10 Morocco Kosher Restaurants

1. Cercle de L’Union, Casablanca 

Casablanca and Morocco’ s leading Kosher restaurant that offers excellent fare. Whether is is a brisket, salad, or a Moroccan Sephardic desert, you are bound to delight in each bite. Asian fare is also a part of their extensive Kosher menu. Cercle de l’Union provides take away upon request along with top notch catering services for weddings and bar mitzvah’s.  
Adress: 19 Rue Abderrahman Sahraoui, Casablanca
Phone: +212-522279729
2. Cercle de L’Alliance, Casablanca 
This laid back, club style, Kosher restaurant serves authentic Moroccan Cuisine. Cooks offer excellent Moroccan dishes including unparalleled salads. The cuisine is a keen mix of Moroccan, Barbecue, Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine. Service is 5 Stars with good size portions. Take away is available.
Address: H9VF+JVG, Rue El Khaouarizmi
Phone: +212-615-904771  
3. La Truffe Blanche, Casablanca 
Address: 59 Rue Tahar Sebti 
Phone: +212-522277263
Bagel Bar, Kosher Restaurant, Casablanca

4. Bagel Bar, Casablanca

Morocco is the bread basket of North Africa offering a wide variety of tasty flat, stuffed and chewy baked breads. Kosher Jewish travelers to Morocco are bound to fill up on some of them at the country’s only Kosher “Bagel Bar.” From Western bagels to pizza, pasta, salads and sandwiches, you will not depart hungry when dining here. 
Address: 17 Rue Mohamed Ben Brahim Al Mourrakouchi
Phone: +212-658-753435 


Madame Fhal Bakery, Chocolate Babka, Casablanca

5. Madame Fhal Bakery, Casablanca 

Casablanca’s Kosher family bakery since 1930. The place to go for Biscuits Babkas/Rugelachs Donuts, Cakes, Challah Bread and Meatball sandwiches. Madame Fhal is a sweet lovers paradise. Freshly made cinnamon, apple and chocolate babka, almond macaroons, praline cake and some of Casablanca’s best challah bread stuffed with raisins and nuts are all made from scratch here.
Address:  63 Jabel Ibnou Hayane
Phone: +212-663001216 / +212-661296902

The word ‘babka’ means grandmother, referring to the grandmothers on Shabbat who made this out of the leftover challah. “

6. Restaurant Center Maimonides
Centre Ibn Mimoun is well appointed in the Vile Nouvelle (new town) in Fes. It is within walking distance of the Simon Levy Synagogue and the Jnan Palace Hotel. This is the only Kosher restaurant in Fes, open primarily on Shabbat. Kosher fare is available to dine in or take away upon request. Arrangements for take away for Shabbat must be made in advance.
Address:  24 Rue Khattabi, La Ville Nouvelle 
Wasabi Kosher Restaurant, Marrakech – Chirashi Bowl

Sephardic Jewish cuisine is an assortment of cooking traditions that developed among the Sephardi Jews, which dates back to the Spanish Inquisition of 1492.

7.  Wasabi, Asian Restaurant, Marrakech
Wasabi is Marrakech’s first Kosher Asian Restaurant. Certified by the Chabad, this chic and cozy dining establishment serves a wide range of delicious Asian Cuisine. From sushi and skewers to stir fries and more, Wasabi is the place to go.

Address: 17 Yougoslavie
Phone: +212-525-080844
Mobile/ WhatsApp:+212-696870459
Dar Ima Kosher Restaurant, Marrakech

8. Dar Ima, Marrakech

A mainstay and the preferred restaurant in Marrakech for Kosher diners, Dar Ima prides itself on a full menu of Jewish, Moroccan cuisine. Moroccan pastilla, hummus, beef tagine and couscous along with grilled salmon steak are just  few of its signature dishes ideal for those who seek a well rounded Kosher meal. There is a wide choice of starters, main courses and deserts, all richly made. Dar Ima offers Sabbath diners the option to create their own Shabbat meal by choosing their own salads, fish and meat, complimented by Moroccan Kosher wine. Take away is available upon request.
Address: 11 Rue de la Liberté, Marrakech
Phone: +212-524436893   

What people say….I never imagined to have such amazing Kosher food in Morocco!!

9. Axo, Marrakech 
The Atlas Asni Hotel in Marrakech is now home to a Kosher restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half board is available for hotel guests along with Shabbat meals, reserved in advance. Axo ha both Glatt kosher meat along with Cholov Yisorel dairy meals. The meats served at Axo are from from a Moroccan company that produces quality meats under high level of (Loubavitch Morocco,  Vaad kosher Morocco) under the direction of Rav Rèvah Orthodoxe UNION. The team of chèhita bodkè houts and pnim come from Israel and France. The milk & cheese are Halav Israel from France under the hachgaha of Rav Schlesinger – Strasbourg and the great beth din of France. 
Address: Boulevard Mohamed VI
Phone: +212-639813071  
Moroccan Dafina, Sephardic Cuisine, Photo Compliments of 196 Flavors


10. Kosher Family Dining Experience, Marrakech
Celebrate Shabbat in a private Sephardic, historic home in the heart of the Marrakech Medina, footsteps from the Al Azama Synagogue.  Light Shabbat candles and a challah blessing before indulging in a wonderful authentic Moroccan meal. An elaborate meal consisting of salads, stuffed vegetables and vine leaves, olive oil, lentils, fresh and dried fruits, herbs and nuts, chickpeas and several main dishes. Your hosts originate from a historic Moroccan Jewish family are pillars of the Marrakech Jewish community. Exclusively available when booking a private, guided tour to Morocco with Travel Exploration.