The Moroccan Artist Guedra Guedra Releases ‘Son Of Sun’ on Corner Records

Moroccan Artist, Guedra Guedra

The Moroccan Artist Guedra Guedra Releases ‘Son Of Sun’ on Corner Records

London’s On the Corner Records released the Son Of Sun EP by the Moroccan artist Guedra Guedra, aka Abdellah M. Hassak. Recently Abdellah M. Hassak, the Casablanca native has been performing under the moniker of Guedra Guedra, and toured across both Europe and Africa including performances at renowned festivals.

Hassak launched his debut album called Vexillology, the layers and productions are a potent brew of traditional rhythms from North Africa including Berber percussion with electronic sorcery. On The Corner stated: “Vexillology is here! Guedra Guedra’s debut LP is kicking down borders, throwing down rhythms and landing depth charges into the foundations of 2021.”

“From his Casablanca studio Guedra Guedra has constructed a World from underground bass cultures and rode them into the rivers of rhythmic history.”

On The Corner Records have been world leaders in releasing productions and remixes from global artists. Their remixes bang in the club and the original material by artists such as Collocutor, Penya, Hieroglyphic Being, Khalab, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Makadem & Behr, Mugwisa International Xylophone Group and others. In 2018, On The Corner was ‘label of the year’ in the Worldwide Awards.

The label says: “Having previously turned heads with his mind-bending Boiler Room performance at last year’s Atlas Electronic Festival…Guedra Guedra returns with six genre defying cuts. [Guedra Guedra’s] earth trembling debut is a relentless barrage of euphoric, high-energy, future dance music, demonstrating the rich product of North Africa’s fertile club music scene. Hailing from Casablanca, Guedra Guedra is a DJ and Producer exploring tribal polyrhythms of the past and dance floor innovations from the underground.”

“His productions are defined by high energy tribal bass, psychedelia that is rooted in the cadence and mystery of ancient rhythms.”

Genres seem to melt away when listening to Son of Sun and keen listeners will hear the combination of influences. By design, this project is focused on raising the energy of whatever space it is played in.Guedra Guedra “is a more low, polyrhythmic, tribal, organic and poetic, [chaotic] project,” said Hassak to publication Berlin In Stereo.

“I am trying to explore the very important ethnic, social, cultural and linguistic identity that North Africa and a large part of Africa are sharing, by challenging through music, topics like; rhythm and polyrhythm, ritual practices, the practice of trance, the notion of memory and musical transmission in African nomadic society, and more.”

Guedra Guedra’s debut certainly caught ears as it is angled toward the North Africa’s rhythmic and the contemporary dance music of the global underground.

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