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5 Fabulous Courtyard Gardens in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city of light and vibrant color. From it’s bustling souks to new museums and art galleries, wide Moroccan restaurants, lavish designer hotels and opulent riad gardens there is something for everyone. There’s no better place to take it all in then one of Marrakech’s fabulous courtyard gardens. Riad courtyard gardens are intimate spaces filled with lush, leafy green flora and fauna often centered around a stone or marble fountain filled with rose petals. In the majority of Moroccan courtyard gardens roses and oranges are grown and in every home courtyard garden a mixture of exotic spices that are brought from Mecca. A Marrakech courtyard garden should be part of a Morocco travelers experience when visiting the city particular in spring and summer. Riad Courtyard gardens serve as the perfect escape to read a book, enjoy a typical Moroccan meal, a sunset cocktail or simply decompress and take in the sights and sounds.

Marrakech’s 14th International Film Festival, Your Morocco Tour Guide

The Marrakech International Film Festival is now in its 14th year. The festival will take place in Marrakech from December 5th – 13th, 2014. Founded in 2000 as a means to promote Morocco as a production destination on the international film circuit, it is now responsible for an influx of film fan and film industry visitors every December to the ‘Red City’.

Souks Outside Marrakech, Your Morocco Tour Guide

By visiting local souks outside Marrakech you can experience local Berber country life and absorb the character of the marketplaces where they meet each week. This is an important social occasion where local producers sell their wares including, fruit, vegetables and livestock. Merchants from Marrakech sell essentials such as: tea, coffee, sugar, packaged foods, cooking items, clothing and electronics. You can also come across carpets, jewelry and pottery generally cheaper than in Marrakech. There are many things available to buy from in Moroccan souks: henna, spices, rugs, Berber slippers and sandals, pottery, Berber djellabahs for men, dresses for women and handmade wooden kitchen utensils.

Dakka Marrakchia Music Festival, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Marrakech has been celebrating the Marrakchia Music festival since the Saadian dynasty in the 15th and early 16th century.It takes place in February each year and celebrates traditional music passed down by generations in honour of the seven patron saints or ‘Sabaatou Rijal’ of Marrakech.

Marrakech Retreat Package, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Visit Marrakech, Morocco for an exclusive, luxury women only retreat package September 8th – 14th, 2012. Morocco’s Harem retreat was founded by Sandra Zwollo, a long time resident of Marrakech and passionate believer in women’s well being. On the Outskirts of the fabled Red City of Marrakech, Harem promises to pamper its guests like no Sultan ever could. Covered in Russian Vogue, Elle Italy, German Architectural Digest, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune as one or Marrakech’s most unique and original travel experiences Harem is the premiere Marrakech retreat package for women only. This Marrakech retreat package is ideal for single women traveling alone or for friends who want to share a women’s Marrakech retreat experience together.

Morocco Dream Vacation, Christmas & New Years in Marrakech,Come Travel to Morocco With Us

Americans typically ponder about where to travel for Christmas and New Years vacation during the fall season. With the economy in a tailspin still trying to recover, what better a time to take a leap of faith and plan your Morocco Dream Vacation! Morocco travel offers affordable airfare, reasonably priced accommodations at Moroccan Riads (restored luxurious large home or Moroccan style palace with guest rooms centered around a courtyard, gardens and fountains) and Hotels plus Morocco private tour options. A Morocco private tour can range from 4-10 days.