Moroccan Pottery

February 11, 2009
Amidst the fresh greens of thorny cacti, towering bamboo, flowering lilies and ancient palms shines a dominant cobalt blue with flashes of sunny yellow, at the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.  Marrakech’s botanical garden ...
March 26, 2009
 Walking through the chaotic souks of Marrakesh you will find stall upon stall of beautiful Moroccan ceramics of all shapes and sizes. From large round plates with bright orange flowers to traditional tagines of cobalt blue, the ...
July 8, 2013
Morocco’s pottery and ceramics are one of the real treasures of the souks with diverse traditional and modern colors and designs influenced by Berber and Islamic art and before them, absorbing Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine des...
March 9, 2016
The Moroccan Contemporary Art Scene, post-independence, is much sought after and has gained popularity over the recent years given its varied mix of forward thinking and experimental painters, sculptors,
July 31, 2016
A souvenir at the top of your list when visiting Morocco is most likely an is an authentic Moroccan tajine. That is until you discover how many different options exist for purchase. It can quickly become overwhelming and frustrati...
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