Dar Cherifa, Marrakech Celebrates Ashura

Marrakchia Deqqa, Dar Cherifa
Marrakchia Deqqa, Dar Cherifa

Ashura is a feast of the children, the family and traditions and celebrated across the Muslim world. It is celebrated on the 10th day of Muharram. Morocco’s local custom of celbrating Ashura involves the exchange of pastries and mixes of nut fruits and dried raisins and apricot. Children also celebrate using fireworks in the streets and light a fire called the Sh’ala and families celebrate by purchasing toys for their children. This year Ashura coincides with the fifteenth anniversary of Dar Cherifa, a Literary Cafe in Mararkech that also holds regular art exhibtions, workshops, concerts and events.

Dar Cherifa will celebrate Ashura this year by presenting “Marrakchia Deqqa.” The celebrations at Dar Cherifa will be held from all evening. Attendees to this wonderful celebration are guaranteed to sip mint tea under the Moroccan Stars while watching the Marrakchia Deqqa fill the air with Arabic incantations.

Marrakchia Deqqa is a type of folk music that encapsulates the rituals and traditions of the Moroccan city of Marrakech. Marrakchia Deqqa involves incanation of mystical song and dance that is African trance related. Deqqa is derived from the Arabic verb (dakka), (yadokko). Deqqa is created through the beat on Percussion musical instruments that superimposes this appointment of the folk genre deqqa.

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