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Berber Museum, Majorelle Garden – Berber Jewelry

Berber Jewelry, The Art of Moroccan Silver

Morocco is known for its artisans and the art of the jeweler or silversmith is one of many crafts practiced today. During your trip to Morocco you can watch artisans at work, marvel at the workmanship and detail of pieces in the jewelry souks and even negotiate the purchase of a unique piece. Many items of jewelry are appealing for their aesthetic value, but all pieces – whether new fabrications or antique treasures – draw on a fascinating history and symbolism.

Kasbah Walking Tour, Marrakech’s Hip Neighborhood of the Medina

A Walking Tour through Kasbah, one of the Marrakech Medina’s Best Neighborhoods offers exploration inside its historic walls. Kasbah’s is a local Moroccan neighborhood that boasts Moroccan street fare, an authentic shopping experience, ancient sites and is the perfect pit stop for teat at sunset. Once a neighborhood that was on the edge of ruins, Kasbah, in the Marrakech medina is now the place to be.

North African & Berber Jewelry, Your Morocco Tour Guide

In the nineteenth century Morocco began to receive European and American visitors who were also visiting neighboring Algeria,Tunisia and Libya. Early photographers like the Scotsman George Washington Wilson and others began to take photographs of the countryside, towns and people including posed photographs of Berber women adorned in their fine Moroccan jewelry. These photos became the first travel postcards and help to encourage early tourism and an appreciation of North African jewelry.

Moroccan Jewelry and Tiznit

Morocco has an ancient tradition of jewelry craftsmanship which continues today. Morocco’s Jewish population grew over many centuries and they were the artisans who created the jewelry as the muslims for religious reasons would not work with silver and gold.The jews and the berbers intermarried and there were a number of jewish berber tribes.

Morocco Beads and Jewelry Tour

Morocco Bead & Jewelry Tour, Treasure Hunt & Shop the Souks of Marrakech, Essaouira & Ouarzazate, Morocco Tour Guide

Discover the History of Moroccan Jewelry, Morocco’s leading Imperial city, the Magnificent South. Shop the Souks of Marrakech, Essaouira and Ouarzazate on this unique journey with fellow jewelry collectors and bead lovers. We will begin this Moroccan Bead & Jewelry Adventure in Marrakech where you will discover ancient trade beads, collector’s jewels along with a visit to the Tiskiwin Museum. Complimented by a visit to the Majorelle Gardens your Marrakech Bead & Jewely Adventure is a luxury and enjoyable travel opportunity and great way to discover this “red hamra” city. We will then travel to seaside Essaouira, the region of the Argan tree and explore its old medina for precious amber while dining seaside. Next our journey will continue onward towards Tarodaunt, considered the mini Marrakech where you will participate in the Bead making process and watch ancient traditions. Last stop is Ouarzazate, the home of great silver traders and fabulous shops near the lovely Kasbah Taourirt where you will discover trade beads and treasures.