Where to Shop in Fes

Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the oldest working medina in the world. Shopping in Fes is a unique experience where the old meets new. Fes serves up a unique array of traditional Moroccan hand made goods ranging from pottery to metalwork and embroidery.

Art Naji

Art Naji, the Fakhari brothers have been producing fine quality products since 1930 and are known for their artistic
quality and authenticity. All pottery is made on site by men turning the wheel by foot to create the pieces before being
placed in a traditional urn for up to four days and then on to the painters to bring the pieces to life in traditional style and
colors. If you’re looking for a mosaic piece, stop by and watch as the craftsmen hammer the tiny shapes – stars, hexagons and squares – before laying all pieces into place and creating a work of art. It’s worth a visit just to watch the process! Ready to ship at a moments notice, Art Naji makes Fassis creations available worldwide.
Address: Fes, Morocco
 Phone: +212-535-66-91-66

Serghini Poterie

Master artisan Moulay Ahmed Serghini is of a big deal on the Moroccan pottery scene – his work has been displayed at 
the British Museum and he has three workshops throughout the Kingdom. Tajines, vases, tableware, and even decorative pieces are all hand-made and using traditional Fasis methods from start to finish. It’s best to stop by the workshop to see the artisans at work before visiting the showroom. The entire process from raw clay to the finished product can be viewed on the property. There is also the option to design your own fountain, table or dinnerware with local artisans there. Custom orders are possible as are mosaic furnishings. Ready to ship at a moments notice, Serghini makes Fassis creations available worldwide.z
Address: 32 Ain Nokbi
 Phone: +212-661-63-07-58 or +212-535-76-16-29

Mohamed Saili

Sadly, the art of comb making is a dying trade and Mr. Saili is one of only a few craftsmen still alive. Once seated on the ground, Mr. Saili uses his feet to chisel the tines of the fine combs made from horns to perfection. It’s an absolutely fascinating process to watch and a unique souvenir to take home from your travels to Fes! 
Address: 39 Rue Mechatine

Les Jardins des Biehn

Nestled inside the hotel Jardins des Biehn, owner Michel Biehn curates a wonderful collection of fine Moroccan goodies. Antique textiles from Morocco and stops along the Silk Road, pottery from the famous Fes and Safi regions of Morocco, traditional babouche perfect for wearing around the home to bring back memories, and even a selection of leather bags made from the local leather. Hip and chic this mini boutique is definitely worth a visit and can be combined with dining
at its famous Café Fez.
Address: 13, Akbat Sbaa, Dough – Medina Phone: +212-664-64-76-79

Fes Embroidery

Rachid Aloui’s Maison Des Broderie

The leading embroidery shop in the medina offering white bedspreads, cushions, napkins, and tablecloths that are embroidered with traditional Arabic and Berber designs.
Address: Derb Hassan, Phone: +212 53-535-63-65-46 or + 212-6-70-85-76-75

Les Mysterie des Fes

In the neighborhood of Derb Sidi Moussa, southeast of the Foundouk Nejjarine Museum, are a plethora of antique shops. The most famous is Chakib Lahkim Bennani’s Les Mystères de Fes. Chakib’s family have been recognized antique dealers since the 1920s. Their three-story, the 13th-century riad is impeccably restored and a work of art. Brimming with
outstanding antiques, jewelry and hand made objects Chakib is one of the classiest art dealers in Morocco. Unique finds are all here, from 9th-century pure silver to bronze urns; carpets interwoven with silk and silver; Berber turquoise pottery; antique Arab jewelry; and a calligraphy-engraved crystal terriya or the occasional chandelier. The majority of Chakib’s collection are Moroccan in origin however there is continually a wide range of items from India, Turkey, Syria, and Europe also on display.
Address: 53 Derb bin Lemssari, Phone: +212-535-63-61-48 or +212- 661-48-31-95

Terrasse Des Tannerie

For leather vests, jackets, handbags, poufs, luggage in a variety of colors from neutral browns to bright pinks and turquoise, head to Terrasse de Tannerie. The goods are made from cow, camel and goat skins and visitors have the option of seeing the tanners work in the dye pits below, a must-do in Fes! Be sure to check the quality leather to
ensure it is tanned properly to avoid any buyer’s regret.
Address: 10 Derb Chouwara, Medina, Phone: +212-535-63-66-25