Sofitel Agadir to Host 7th International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference

7th Sustainability Conference Agadir

From November 27-30, 2019, the luxurious Agadir Sofitel Hotel will host the Seventh Edition of the International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC’19). The conference will cover a series of topics including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, green energy, sustainable energy systems, and smart grid. A portion of the event will also be dedicated to exploring how solar energy can play a part in the desalination technology of seawater, water supply, water treatment, and reuse. Reducing water consumption is especially important to Morocco’s economy as much of it is based around agriculture. The Conference aims to create an environment that facilitates discussions on research findings, and current and future challenges, and opportunities related to renewable and sustainable energy. The conference targets academia, industry and government, researchers, policy-makers, engineers, Ph.D. and Masters students, specialists, and all others connected with alternative energy. A panel of over 120 experts will review the projects and ideas that will be presented in Agadir.

“IRSEC is now the largest scientific conference in Africa and the MENA region in the field of renewable energy, given the scientific publications produced under its leadership,” say the ISREC committee.

The IRSEC’ 19 is one of many events in Morocco that focus on renewable energy and sustainability. In September 2019, Rabat University will host the 1st International fair of Smart and Sustainable Cities and Africa’s First Solar Decathalon Competition, where students compete to build green homes is taking place. These initiatives are aligned with King Mohammed VI renewable energy goals. By 2020, Morocco’s aim is to make 42% the key number in renewable energy to electricity ratio. The Kingdom is well on it’s way. According to the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), Morocco is the world’s second-best leader in Climate Change Performance for 2019, Sweden is first. Morocco also leads with Noor, the world’s largest solar plant in Ouarzazate.

Agadir is a coastal city located along the Atlantic Ocean. It sits near the Atlas Mountains and is a 3-hour drive southwest of Marrakech.