Casablanca Academy Launches Book Club For Writers and Speakers

TOTAC Book Club, Casablanca

On Saturday, December 21, 2019, the Casablanca based TOTAC Academy launched a sub-branch, the TOTAC Book Club. The selective training academy for graduates, consultants and lecturers have now opened it’s innovative education methods to the public. Once a month a rotating book club will take place in a cosmopolitan Moroccan city. A total of 5 more meetings are planned for 2020. In order to attend, participants are asked to read the chosen books and prepare for the lectures. The goal of the club is to create a platform where members can discuss writing, publishing, presentation skills, and celebrate each other’s written accomplishments. Each workshop will also invite authors, poets, and novelists to speak at their events.

For the first meeting, three keynote speakers read at the inauguration workshop. Among them were Fatma Kachkach, a TOTAC master coach and communications teacher; Nazha Hefti, a founding member; and Mohamed Charrouk, a successful journalist who shared how writing can serve as both a great business tool and be used for personal growth.

For the year 2020, the club has set two missions. The first, to encourage members to write a collective book about the lessons discovered through reading assignments. The second is to help develop the group’s public speaking skills.

TOTAC is a private institution that trains and certifies select candidates with backgrounds in commercial, marketing, finance, journalism, and web development fields.