Peugeot Launches Competition Seeking Moroccan Creatives

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Peugeot, Morocco

Group PSA, the French carmaker of Peugeot, Citroen, DS, and Opel vehicles is celebrating the launch of it’s first Rabat based plant with a competition. They are targeting young Moroccan entrepreneurs in the hope to capture their innovative ideas. The goal is to help Peugeot develop it’s brand’s relationship with Morocco.

The competition has 3 sections. Part one launched on July 11th, 2019 entitled Factory of the Future, is entrepreneurial-minded. The car manufacturer is asking entrants to incorporate the latest technologies. They want to see how virtual reality, holograms, and mobile apps can be applied to their brand awareness strategy. Applications close at the end of September 2019 and the contest will move into phase two. Part two is a photo competition held between September and October. The third leg of the competition will focus on design. The winning ideas will be used to improve the driving experience for future Peugeot vehicle owners.

Group PSA started its project to create a car ecosystem in Morocco on June 2015. It already has a Morocco-based research facility as well as a Casablanca based steering center. The latter distributes throughout the whole Middle East and African region. By investing $630 million USD into the new factory, Groupe PSA has created an extensive car ecosystem in Morocco. The factory is located in Kenitra and has the capacity to produce 200,000 vehicles. They distribute to 89 suppliers, 27 of them are new additions to the PSA chain.

The competition is aimed at helping the new plant’s goal of reaching a maximum capacity output by 2023. Competition prizes have yet to be announced.

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