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Mosque of Koutoubia & Tomb of Koubba Lalla Zohra, Marrakech

If you’re traveling to Morocco and only have 24 Hours in Marrakech then visiting Marrakech’s lush gardens, spectacular palaces, historical sites, the hippest shops and eating at the hot spots are a must.  In 24 hours you can see the best of Marrakesh knowing exactly what places to visit, sites to see and where to eat. Start your a one-day Marrakech tour around the “red hamra” city bright an early with a visit to the Majorelle Gardens. Next, head to the Koutoubia Mosque and then to the El Bahia Palace. The breathtaking architecture of the El Bahia Palace offers an excellent architecture lesson as it was once home to a harem and has some of the best Moroccan painted ceilings, ceramics and a wonderful garden. Continue your walk through the medina visiting the Kisseria.

Discover colorful baboosh (shoes), caftans (traditional Moroccan clothing), pottery and other local Marrakesh crafts. Learn the art of the bargain. Shop the souks of Marrakech and their vast labyrinth of narrow streets. In the center of the old Marrakesh medina you will see artisans making rugs on looms and hammering away creating iron lanterns. Make sure to stock up on spices, buy silver jewelry and cactus silk scarves.

Shopping Marrakech, Susan Simon

If you’re not quiet sure how to navigate the souks of Marrakech then bring along Susan Simon’s, Shopping in Marrakech which will persuade even the non-shopper to head out for a day in the souks. It’s colorful photographs and insights are not to be missed.

Jewelry Shop, Marrakech

After your saunter through Marrakech’s souks, you will be left with great thirst and a pallet that is ready for an afternoon dining experience in the old city. Wander over to the Djemaa El Fna Square and enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice at one of the orange juice stands. Haggle for a bit to get the best price for some dates and nuts, a great snack in the square. Then head to the Moussaine for some Berber jewelry and silver shopping and then onto an old narrow street that will take you down back into the Spice Market or back to the center square.

Terraces Des Spices, Marrakech

Dine at one of the local restaurants in the old medina of Marrakesh such as Le Terrasses des Spices or Earth Café where you can dine under the Marrakech sun or in a tiny nook within the old city with delightful food and views.

Now it’s time to head to the new town of Gueliz. Popular during the French Protectorate and now a place that an mélange of foreigners and well do to Moroccans live, Gueliz is a hot spot for some of the more Modern Moroccan shopping choices. Visit Rue de la Libertie or Rue de Mauritanie where you can shop for the most up to date contemporary modern Moroccan goods. Make sure to stop at one of the local cafes in Gueliz for a café nus-nus (half coffee, half milk) or mint tea along with a French pastry.

Some top shops to visit and places to explore:

#1: Kaiki: Hand made artistic gifts ranging from Berber dolls, to hand painted tea glasses and dishes, embroidered goods and jewelry

#2: Intensite Nomade: Trendy caftans

#3: Attika Chaussures – well made women’s and men’s shoes, fashionable, all ages

#4: Scenes de Lin: Hand embroidered Linens

#5: Place Vendome: Beautiful leather goods for men and women, high quality, fashionable

#6: L’Orientaliste: Moroccan pottery, tea glasses, prints, paintings, lanterns and much more

#7: Darkoum: Three levels of African and Indian furnishings, fabrics, carpets, and artifacts. An interior design paradise featuring Moroccan, Indian and Pakistani merchandise.

#8: Jeff de Bruges: The best chocolates in town

#9: Al Jawda: Coffee, tea and pastries

#10: Tin Mel: Antique carpets and furniture

Hammam Ziani, Marrakech

Complete your mini shopping excursion to Gueliz, then head to Hammam Ziani where you can have a traditional Moroccan scrub, a massage with rose or orange oil and a fully body mask for just under $40.00 USA/ 35 Euros.

After a visit at Hammam Ziani, watch the sunset in the old medina for an early evening drink at Café Arabe. Enjoy drinks and appetizers then prepare yourself for a Moroccan feast at Le Marrakech or Le Comptoir Darna where you are guaranteed a great dinner accompanied by belly dancing.

Djemaa El Fna Square, Marrakech

Dine the night away until just before mid night, then head to Djemaa El Fna Square where you can see an old medieval style carnival take place with snake charmers, acrobats and monkeys. Have your fortune told and get your hands hennaed in the old square that is the heartbeat of Marrakesh.

End your 24 hours in Marrakesh with a horse and buggy ride across Rue Mohammed VI late in the night.  Watch the stars and think about when you’ll return for your next Morocco tour adventure.

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